TW200 injuries
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Thread: TW200 injuries

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    TW200 injuries

    How many of my fellow TW200 riders have had their trusty steed try successfully to do them harm?
    I Crashed Ethyl riding her like she was stolen in soft wet sand with my son. This is the more visible yet less painful result of my second crash. The first, I scrubbed up against a hard packed 3 foot tall vertical berm and it grabbed by toes and turned the them to face the he other direction. Gotta be broken, didn't dare take off the boot. It was either ride out or get rescued so while riding out the 5 miles I washed out on a hill and went over the bars slamming my yet undiagnosed foot into the ground causing an undignified squeal and repetition of curse words like I was reciting some delinquent hail Mary's and gave me this bark Buster imprint as a thanks for playing. Maybe I should not ride her like a dirt bike, I make that bike do stuff the TW was not made for. Oh god it's fun though. Bring on the healing so I can rip it up some more.
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    I like your ride it like a dirt bike comment LOL!

    I mostly cruise on mine so my injuries have been limited to a few bumps and bruises. This past Saturday I took a spill when I tried to pop the front wheel over a rock and instead fell over it! No injuries, although I did get chastised by my riding buddies for picking-up my TW solo. Mine is the heaviest bike in our group and I have a bad back.
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    I crashed a few weeks back trying to go up/around this section in a drainage ditch. The bike fell on my foot and leg hillside down. Foot still hurts, but nothing seemed to be broken.

    This weekend I did a similar thing trying to do a dip, then uphill section. This branch and root through me off my focus, and dumped it after a hard bounce. My leg was crushed a bit, but just seems bruised. Had I kept on the throttle, I think I would’ve been fine.

    I’m learning some good lessons though!
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    You could fall off a bar stool and get hurt worse...and not have as much fun doing it. When you heal, which you will, go ride it like a dirt bike...more or less!

    Sounds like TW Fever.

    I've had the toes/foot turned backwards trick a couple times. Your story brought back a twinge in my right knee and ankle.

    Most importantly, how's the TW? Not bad I hope.
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    I've got off easy but I couldn't agree more. I'm sure I push the TW to do stuff it's not made for. In fact I'm starting the long process of raising my suspension a few inches. I perch on the balls of my feet on the pegs now and was only bruised by a small stump. I've also grazed a large tree with broken branches scratched my thigh. Scary.

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    Sprained my knee about a month ago doing some really sick stunts!
    Ok all I did was dab my foot too hard when the front end washed out. Lol
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    Was pretty sore a few years back after ending up under my TW trying to cross some large logs. Cleared a couple then ended up digging in the skid plate or pegs and no where to put feet down. I was laying under it with gas dribbling on my leg, trapped and basted, and my riding buddy was laughing so hard as to be useless...I was chuckling too but in pain. He finally helped get the bike off me so I could then unleash the names I was reserving for him, but minutes later I got this shot. So worth it I thought. I limped for a week and had an interesting bruise.ZS_3small.jpg

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    I skinned my shin about 4 years ago when the front washed out going too fast downhill around a sharp corner on a gravel road with too much front brake.
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    0n my first tip over, i sat down ( actually pinned under the bike ) and had a heart to heart with my TW and we came to an agreement on how we were going to get along. after that we got along great and never had another problem
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