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    Hello to all. My last and only motorcycle was bought 40 years ago, but in the last year I have become a partner in the use of a cabin in northern Michigan, lower peninsula and want a bike to experience the many trails. I have been researching dual sport bikes intensely. From what I have found, the TW 200 would be my best choice, especially with the sandy soil in northern Michigan. Looking to buy

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    Welcome to the site. It sounds like the Tdub would be perfect for what you want to do.

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    The TW can't be beat for trail riding and just general pokin' around. With a better front tire it'll handle sandy stuff just fine!
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    Welcome Marneman!

    A lot of returning riders, like yourself, seem to really like the TW.

    It is good for ambling along off road, is relatively low and is easy to ride. It doesn’t mind packing a lot of weight. I like it because it is old technology that is easy to work on and is pretty durable.

    Will you be doing any riding on the street?

    I never have the occasion to ride in sand but I am sure others will respond on that topic.

    Like DonBenito said, for any kind of off road riding you will want to replace the stock front tire.

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    Welcome. This site is an awesome community of great people who are fun to hang with and always willing to help.

    What area is the cabin? I've got one in the Traverse City/Kalkaska area where I live in the summer.

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    Welcome, a TDub will make you grin big time, hope you have good luck finding one.
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    That's one of the reasons I got a t-dub over a KLR, because of the sand up north. I spend a lot of time on the ORV trails between Kalkaska, Grayling and Gaylord...A ton of those trails are sandy, especially when you get out of the woods. You probably know the exact area I'm talking about.

    I'd rather float over than cut through. I usually hit most of those trails in my Jeep, and I don't care for the sand even when I'm in that. It gets real deep in some spots.
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