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Thread: Tw, less

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    Tw, less

    Visited Yamaha, et al dealer last weekend as my partner needed/wanted a new riding jacket. To her credit, She has been commuting via PCX scooter on some fairly cool mornings. Rubber necking in the show room while jacket evaluation continued. My partner suggested ladies jackets don't have a firearm pocket in the right place and men's jackets don't have other things in the right place. There was a new Sand color TW, like the color vs. older dark blue. Also aside the TW was an XT250, also in sand. TW is due for inspection soon, have been thinking about new tires as the factory originals have 4000 mi, plus while in the shop I wanted to put on a new chain upgrade. Valves chatter a little and oil change is due. Sat on the XT, my partner sat on the TW while checking out the feel of the new jacket. She says that XT looks good on you. Saddle height and handle bar position felt good too. Sales man chimes in with my partner. In a moment of neuron paralysis, I ask the sales guy what my TW would be worth in trade in. He rolled out a number larger than anticipated.
    When I got the TW, a number of folks told me it was a stupid choice.
    Today, after leaving my TW, Festus, at the dealer in trade for the new Sand beige XT and riding it 80+ miles home;
    Some of the same folks told me it was a stupid to part with TW for XT.
    Like the XT fuel injection, Festus always was cranky in cool weather. With a few extra CC displacement, more easily kept up with traffic. Front and rear discs felt real good when some idiot dashed in front of me. Seating/handlebar/leg position is more comfortable for me.
    XT original design is a few years older than TW, but has evolved more.
    So I am no longer part of this group. In sort of a technical way the XT has great potential for me,
    TW evokes more emotion.
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    Ride long & prosper

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    XT is a good choice too. Enjoy your new ride.

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    I have both an XT225 and TW200's. I like them both, for different reasons. The XT is better on the street - just easier in traffic and on the highway with the extra gear (though I'm guessing this is different than the 250). The TW's are better for going slower and offroad.
    I think these bikes are close cousins. For that reason, you shouldn't abandon this forum.
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    TWy to make a TWip to the TWails to make some TWacks.

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    You can check out anytime you want - but you can never leave .....
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    I think this particular forum will be more active and have more across-the-board riding, gear and rally stuff you can relate to with almost any small dual-sport than the XT250 specific forum.
    Don't need a TW as a Hall Pass here. Mine is basically a buddy-bike now and it's converted more than a few folks to go in this direction.
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    Haven't owned a TW for over a year but it's still fun to visit fellow bike riders. Stick around you may be back on a TW. I'm looking but not finding what I want.
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    I was heavily weighing the TW against the XT when I purchased. I couldn't resist the mystique/legend of the TW, even though the font/rear discs and fuel injection were certainly calling me.

    In my opinion, if you are getting a Yamaha motorcycle, you're making a good decision. Have fun on your XT. Who knows, maybe you'll get another TW someday soon, and/or your partner won't be able to resist and will pick up a TW
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    if i were you, i wouldn't go too far as the xt forum isn't half as good as this forum
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    The XT is a great bike. The TW has its limits and you have to want to work around them. The good thing about the TW is its been the same bike for 33 years. The bad thing about the TW is its been the same bike for 33 years.
    Good for you. You'll love your new bike. I'd like to hear how you settle in on it
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