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Thread: Price for a new tw200

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    When I used to buy my sons racebikes, I would just gather up a handfull of phone numbers from the various dealers carrying the model we wanted. I'd call and be totally honest with the sales people, I'd tell them "Im calling every dealer within 300 miles of my house, whoever shoots me with the best number gets my cash." Usually within 3 hours I had a number I liked, so I'd hold the bike with CC number, hit the road and pay cash when I arrived. No BS fees, and sometimes I was lucky enough to get them still in their crate. I preferred crate anyway, I always grease and retorque everything before first ride anyway. Oh, and I never, ever paid msrp. They loved cash....... I could be in and out of a dealership in 30 mins or so, just the way I like it.

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    Yes, I do the same as dado but I use email so I send the same message at the same time to a dozen or so dealers so they all know what I am doing..... I never have to haggle with anyone....those that are interested will reply with a quote those that are not interested in a quick cash sale will not waste their time or mine...

    The MSRP is irrelevant ...they all pay about the same invoice so it is the dealer that is willing to sell with the smallest profit that gets my business....they do all the haggling amongst themselves before they reply with a quote.

    When I have the price I am willing to print it out and that is exactly what I more......and out the door....easy peasy...

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    Email several dealers. I went to and done everything from there i bought my 19 back in december at Morgantown Powersports for 3600 OTD. It took about 2 weeks emailing 5 different dealers till i got the best price. The best thing to do is to shop around.

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    Good tips, guys. I'll definitely remember those tactics for any future purchases.
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    Yes, BS fee's. Destination fee, I argued with a sales guy and asked how he was planning on selling me a bike if it wasn't there for him to sell I also asked about the dealer prep fee and how he was planning to sell me a bike in a crate! I almost told him I'd prefer one in a crate! He said it was industry standard and he didn't want to argue about it. They also added a $90 trickle charger and were trying to pass that along with a $200 charge. Needless to say, I didn't buy from that place. I saw places that actually claimed "Aditional dealer mark-up" over

    In the end, with taxes and licensing, the best I could get was $5200 out the door which is right at MSRP+ sales tax+dmv licensing. They said they would give a 10-15% break if I bought 2 at once! Hmmmm
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