What would you do..."new" 2010 on the way
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    Greetings! After 10 years of looking for "the one"...a bike that could go anywhere...I finally found the TW!! I wish I'd have found the machine (and this forum) sooner, but at last I'm here. I'll be picking up a "showroom new" 2010 TW 200 shortly and am curious what I should do with this bike that's been sitting at the dealership for the last four years. The gas will be fresh and the oil changed when I pick it up. I'm planning on going thru a normal break-in cycle. One of the threads with oil filter pictures has me sold on the frequent changes early on!!

    I've been reading on here and still can't figure out of this bike is one that needs a new chain right away? I'd like to save the sprockets if the chain upgrade is in order. It seems like everyone else is sold on the Cycleracks...so I'm planning on a rear to start. I was going to ride it for awhile before thinking going too wild. I've owned old used bikes before, just not an old "new" one

    I enjoy riding my fourwheeler, but our trail system is very limited and this bike is legal just about everywhere fourwheelers aren't. Without fear, I ask for any suggestions on things to do/not do with it

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    Welcome to the forum, Nice find! I bought a new '07 last fall, it had been sitting on the showroom floor since new, I didn't do anything but lube the chain and ride it. The chain isn't the best but it's not garbage either, take care of it and it'll last pretty well. The Cyclerack is a great piece of work, you'll be very happy with one. Have fun!
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    Make sure your clutch return spring is hooked up correctly.

    If you plan on riding off road, get a new front tire asap. The front tire is built okay, its just terrible off road. Trust me.

    The chain...I don't know, I got my bike used. I've had real good luck with my EK o-ring chain. I'm pretty tough on my bike and my old DID open chain would stretch quickly. My o-ring chain has only had to be adjusted once in the last year. I was adjusting my open chain every other ride (or every 100 miles or so).

    Cycleracks kick butt. They are tough and durable and they are backed by a 100% lifetime guarantee.

    The stock skid plate is as thick as two layers of tin foil. If you plan on doing some moderate to heavy off-loading, I'd get a new skid plate. Ricochet makes a good one as does TCI. I had a Ricochet and loved it, but I love the TCI more because of its engine guards. Either one would be a good investment.

    But hey, its your bike and you outfit it to suit your needs. Everyone is different.

    My top add-ons are: skidplate, rear Cyclerack, handguards, and more aggressive front tire.
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    Don't let THIS happen to you! Even the dealer can put the wrong oil filter in and fubar your engine. Take another gander at the oil changing sticky here and learn about the correct filter (with the holes), and before leaving the dealership:

    "Start the motor and loosen the bolt with the phillips head several turns.(10mm wrench) Oil should run out of here. If not shut the motor off and reinspect the filter."

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    Welcome and congrats. I waited years too to get mine. Front tire is must. Wider Foot pegs. Skidplate. Handlebar riser or new bar. Handgaurds. Hope they really change oil and or filter. As is? Or one year warranty?
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    Don't do a damn thing to it except ride the wheels off of it! Ride it a while before you start changing anything, you'll save some money and the experience will help you decide what farkels you really want. I doubt the dealer installed the wrong oil filter on a new bike, and some of the filter suggestions here shouldn't be used as they don't quite fit properly, even if the threads do. Be wary of NAPA gold, they fail alot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CritterGetter View Post
    Don't do a damn thing to it except ride the wheels off of it! Ride it a while before you start changing anything, you'll save some money and the experience will help you decide what farkels you really want.

    ^^^^i agree with this...add things as you go or as you feel you need them...like Rainman brought up, right off the bat the o-ring chain isn't a bad idea and neither is a skid plate if you plan on off-roading right away...other than that it's pretty well equipped as is...i will also say that the stock seat sucks a cheap Stearns atv seat pad (from walmart) will help a bit if needed...but the sky is the limit with modifications and you can easily spend a lot of money in a little time...i would research everything before you buy...

    as far as the oil filter goes...better safe than sorry...opening that bolt to verify takes 2 mins and you'll have piece of mind...when you need a new filter (i.e. too dirty to clean and reuse) just buy it from an authorized yamaha dealer...i like to use these guys for my OEM parts...


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    Like CritterGetter said "Ride the wheels off of it!" When you find something about the bike you don't like, look here for info on how to improve it. This forum is a huge resource! CONGRATS on your NEW BIKE!

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    As some have advised.....definetly check the oil flow bolt shown!....dealers can put the wrong filter in(they sometimes do not pay attention to the filtet in the box and ASSUME it is the correct one).

    Rejet perhaps......will run cooler,more efficiently etc.(There is a sticky on this....your elevation will determine what size main jet to use).

    Chain......well.I'd use-up the current one and then change to an O-ring & new sprockets of course....but, if you change to an O-ring chain now,you won't have to fiddle with it later( mileage varies on OEM chain-sprockets....some have seen only 3,000 miles,I've read of some rider(s) getting up 10,000 miles?).

    Cycle rack....rear rack,you'll really like it!.

    IMS larger pegs. Cost more,but are U.S.A. made (put food on a fellow Americans plate(s)). You may like the OEM pegs...I doubt it though?.

    At some point: Brush guards....there are a variety of them out there.....your choice.

    Later on when the beast is broke in.....perhaps synthetic motor oil ( motorcycle specific!!!....brand,your choice).

    Have fun!.

    Welcome to the forum.

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    I have to send a huge THANK YOU out to each of you I can honestly say this is the most helpful, productive, polite, and POSITIVE series of replies I have ever gotten on any board. I don't post a lot (mostly archery and bird hunting forums) and usually there's someone who seems to enjoy being...well...less than useful in their reply! I really didn't notice anything like that anywhere on the board...and now these great replies Absolutely outstanding!! Thank you all for the welcome as well

    I will order a Cyclerack for the rear. I am really impressed with what I've read and the pictures I've seen (the one with the bike in the grille of the van really sold me on it safety-wise!!!!) My plan is to use the bike for scouting new areas and eventually this fall for hunting...I can't get over the 70-80MPG!!!

    671tdub: There is the full 1 year warranty with the bike...it has 18 miles on it from test drives over the last few years. My wife asked me what was wrong with it...I told her it had just been patiently waiting for me

    The O-ring chain seems like a good preventative step...I like the sound of the longevity.

    I hadn't thought much on the skidplate or handguards. I'll look at the TCI...I hadn't heard of them before. I'll look thru all the "tire" threads too...I'm sure there's tons in there too I won't be picking it up for about 2 weeks (located about 2.5 hours away) so I have a little time to plan

    Thanks again for everything

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