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    I just recieved my tool tubes (2) and put them on each side of my cyclerack,they look good.Now here's my problem.My intended purpose for my TW is back and forth to work which is only 3 miles,to putt around town, and to explore back country roads while camping and hunting and not major road trips.So since I will be somewhat close (hopefully) to my vehicle, or home, what do you pack in your tubes?I might only need one tube.I was thinking some tools.a masterlink,spare piece of chain, sparkplug, and maybe an extra spare fuse.If I packed for every worst case scenerio,I might as well build a trailer and haul a spare TW ( HA HA HA ).
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    Extra fuel can, soda cans, beer cans, food. Being that close to home or vehicle, you don't need tons of tools and spare parts to carry on the bike..

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    Tow strap, zip ties, electrical/duct tape, safety wire, spare levers, J-B Weld, etc.......

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    I've found that those small miscellaneous things are easier to pull out if you stick them in an old sock then stuff the sock into the tube.

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    I just bought one at my local Kubota Dealership for $10.50 (TAX Included) mostly for my ownership (photocopy) and insurance slip, tire pressure guage, leatherman and whatever else I can think of wrapped up in a towel for vibration/ease of access. Heres how I plan on mounting mine http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=645801 (Thanks Gadget Man if your on here!). I love the balance of the muffler and tube combo I'll be sure to post pics of the mount.


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    Mini jumper cables, duck tape, super glue, zipties and a multi tool. If you need something else your doing it wrong
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    Ammo for hunting perhaps?.

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    Who cares if you put anything in them or not! They just look so cool on the TW/Cyclerack, even if they're empty!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swamp View Post
    Who cares if you put anything in them or not! They just look so cool on the TW/Cyclerack, even if they're empty!
    Giggle. I actually (finally) order 3 last week. Not arrived yet, but I think they'll come in handy for a few things. I'm mostly thinking tools, but who knows. Guessing I'll be riding around with them mounted and empty from time to time also
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    I found my cans at Harbor Freight. Everyone is getting into the act. Mine holds a can of Flat-Fix along with other essentials. Old tube socks make retrieving items easier.
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