Cycoactive map barpack??
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    Does anybody on here use one and if so how do you like it? Im looking for something to hold a map "maps" for an upcoming trip to the Moab area. I used to use a magnetic tank bag with a small map pocket "not really big enough" then i put a clark tank on so the magnetic bag is useless on it. I use my phone as a gps but sometimes electronics mess up and i dont trust them especially if im far out in the giggle weeds!

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    no experience with the bag but i did post up a similar thread a while ago cause i'm in the same boat and have a clarke tank...i haven't bought anything yet but i started to look into bicycle bags to keep it on the cheap side...

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    I'm sure this isn't what you're looking for. It's a home made map holder but I could see where it would be handy at times. It would probably roll up and fit in the "famous tool tube" too. Link

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