We are still here! (Sort of)
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Thread: We are still here! (Sort of)

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    We are still here! (Sort of)

    Hey, we are still alive and riding! Denice and I have been busy for quite a few months now and I finally have the time to sit and log back onto the forum. Last fall we both turned 55 and had to make a decision on if we were going to stay in Port McNeill and die there or get out while we still could. We have lived there for 27 years and raised our two girls in that town but they have both moved away and are married with kids of their own. Being 4 1/2 hours north, no one ever came to visit so with the decision to move made it was "getter done" time. I quit my job as a marine mechanic, moved to Ladysmith to operate heavy equipment with the idea that Denice would stay home and look after the house for the winter and give us time to find new living quarters close to our kids and grandkids. Well after almost a month on my own I was on the phone crying that I wouldn't make it till Christmas let alone spring time. So she quit her job too and moved down with me. We sold our house in April and found there was nothing worth buying here or at least not what we were willing to pay for a fixer upper shack. It was by chance we found out about a strata town house just up the road from our youngest daughters house so we set our minds on it and bought it before it even got listed. One problem was we had to be out of our short term rental before the possession date on the new one, no problem...we could just live in our trailer in our daughters driveway for a week. Well this is not what happened and a month later we are still here and have another three weeks to go! We are making the best of it and Denice and I have lots of time to plan our next move....over and over again. We did manage to down size from just over 2500 sqft to 2400 sqft so that counts doesn't it? I offered to give up my beloved TW but she is the one who said absolutely not and I am so glad I always listen to her. We just got back from a ride to the beach and a visit with our two oldest grandsons, then a ride down to the park at Fuller lake, followed by a slow and winding ride home. The TW is still running great and I dont regret the effort it took to install the quad tire and lengthen the swing arm, however I am still in therapy over mounting that black beast on the TW rim. There are days like today when I do miss the vast amount of trails that was at our door step and all the favorite fishing holes we rode too, but the time with our grand kids and the laughter we have is well worth the loss. There are trails here and there is rumor of fish in the lakes but that will take time to scope out and explore over the years to come. I am still coming to terms with the fact we are moving into a 55+ strata ( the old folks home as I call it) but there is some perks that come with it. I don't have to cut 8 cords of firewood every winter, I don't have to clean the gutters or wash the windows, I don't even have to cut the lawns or weed eat as this is all done for us now. That means we can spend more time with our family and if we want to go for a bike ride there will be no having to do chores first then ride. I will even have time to do the next step in my to do bike list which is to change up the suspension over the coming winter ( and YES...Denice said I can bring the bike inside for the winter as the new place has not one but two indoor/heated work shops).

    So now that you all know we are still riding and wrenching, I will try to stay in touch with my TW family. I have enjoyed this forum and I am always glad to see new members and new TW owners on here. With all having a love of these quirky little bikes, it is always interesting to see how each modifies and changes things to suite their individual needs. My bike has brought many hours of enjoyment and laughs both from riding and modifying it, which I give full credit to the members on here as it was you who inspired me to take a chance and make it into more of a machine then the stock model was ever meant to be. Denice has be there all along with either encouragement or that look of " oh no you don't ", and even through the trials and tribulations of our last mode she stuck by my side. So if we are ever fortunate enough to ride along with some of you, don't ever mention that it was you who inspired me to cut and weld and put even larger tires on this sweet little bike because that may be just what makes her snap and come unglued. So thanks to all who have taken the time to share and give advise as you will never know who you have reached with your word of wisdom.

    Ride on and ride safe my friends, Chris & Denice.
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    Hi Chris & Denice...I don't know you guys but I loved hearing your story and where you are in your lives...us, too!

    I'll tell you one thing buddy...that Denice is a keeper!
    My Betty is, too...if they can put up with guys like us, we have it made.

    If you ever get down to Texas, well...you know!
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    Cool.. i'm glad you are still around, missed you stories. Ladysmith is a nice area, we lived in Cassidy in 1978, there was all was places to explore and trouble to find
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