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Thread: Should I buy?

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    2008 TW for 2,700 bucks. Has 3000 miles on it and looks like great shape. Your guys thoughts?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Woodward View Post
    2008 TW for 2,700 bucks. Has 3000 miles on it and looks like great shape. Your guys thoughts?

    3000 miles isn't much on a well cared for TW, but on the other hand 5 (or 6? - depending) years and 3000 miles is also plenty of time to wreck a bike through abuse or neglect.

    Even if it's in great shape, $2,700 seems high to me. I know the market varies around the country, but in this neck of the woods a brand new one can be had for $4000 out the door.

    If it looks like a solid machine, I'd say try and get at least $500 knocked off the price and then go for it.
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    I agree that it's a little high unless there's lots of extras and it's in perfect shape. Try offering him less and be prepared to walk away.....unless you're willing to spend that much. My 2008 was advertised for $2500 in 2010. I offered him $2300 and he took it. It only had 237 miles on it. There's still deals out there. A couple months ago I bought a '95 with less than 800 miles on it. Had to pay $1700 but the seller had receipts for extras and maintenance records.

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    What does it book at? And that will give you your answer.

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    I tried and tried to find a used one before i just gave up and bought new. I'd check kbb, nada guides, and search craigslist (just to compare prices). They're probably planning on negotiating down a little, so if its not been wrecked or or dropped too bad, if you could shave a couple of hundred off that price it'd be a about right.

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