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Thread: Hitch carrier on Subaru forester with TW

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    There is a vlogger on Ytube called motobroo. He has a Subaru and a Drz400. He takes it everywhere on the back of the car. He went from Florida to Cali with no problems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ski Pro 3 View Post
    BTW, I got a buddy that carries his TW200 on the hitch of his Suzuki Samurai. Even has a spare tire he has to clear. Seems to work. Maybe he'll see this and post a photo.
    Haw, I have posted the picture before but here ya go.

    I have a great very sturdy roof rack so I use it to keep the Dub from rocking fore n aft which is a killer of hitch connections that are marginal. It also keeps the rocking to an absolute minimum. My bumper is aftermarket and quite sturdy compared to the old OEM bumper that has no hitch receiver. If I did not have the roof rack I would not put the Dub on the rear. The weight removed from the front of the Zuke is about 150 lbs. The teeter totter effect ya know.

    If I were to do it again I would have invested in a tilting type rack like Skipro's. Much easier to get the Cycle up onto the carry position.


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    Like jstdub I utilize my roof rack to stabilize my TWs on both ramp style and MotoJack style hitch carriers. A quality anti-wobble device at the hitch/reciever interface helps quite a bit too.
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    Orded a hitch for my Nisson exterra yesterday. Figure to pull a trailer. As I have a carrier it will be just for a short day trip. for a long stay though will be the travel trailer and truck. Too many options.

    This weekend is the Arlington Wa flyin. Will be there for that. They put on a great show and lots of aircraft to drool over. Lucky to have friends close by to hang with.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnny Phoenix View Post
    FWIW, I believe the tow capacity for a Subaru CVT is 1500 lbs, and probably 150 Ibs tongue weight. Was considering one a while back, but passed since I frequently tow a 2000 lbs trailer. Decided to keep the Outback with the 4-speed.
    Incorrect. 200 and 2700 as posted before.
    The cvt pulls 2000 lbs like a dream but gas mileage drops to about 16 if you have a tall trailer and over 70 mph.

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    Quote Originally Posted by floridalawdog View Post
    There is a vlogger on Ytube called motobroo. He has a Subaru and a Drz400. He takes it everywhere on the back of the car. He went from Florida to Cali with no problems.
    Doing stupid things and getting away with it doesn't mean that doing those stupid things is a good idea.

    An overloaded hitch will do really well right up until the point it doesn't. Then at a minimum you're looking at isolated damage to your own property with the potential for damage to the property of other people, and there have been people charged with manslaughter because faulty or incorrectly used equipment has killed someone.


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