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Thread: Any Ways to Quiet a TW200?

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    There used to be a device called a dB Snorkel that acted as a secondary muffler. I also vaguely recall someone using an ATV muffler or something like that after the stock muffler. Definitely would be cool to have one if it doesn't kill the power output, or if you could put it on and take it off without jetting changes.
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    can't you just start it away from the house?
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    Quote Originally Posted by TeeDoubleUTwoHundred View Post
    I guess the problem I have is cool morning temps (5ºC - 10ºC / 41ºF - 50ºF). I have to let the bike warm-up under full and half choke.

    I'm going to try the 45º 3/4" elbow first, then try Rocky TFS's method of fibreglass packing if necessary.

    I never thought I would try and quiet an engine...

    Thanks for the replies!
    Just start the bike and start riding. It will never be as quiet as an electric bike, and the stock setup is already very quiet as far as db levels are concerned. It's good that you have concern for your neighbors opinion of you, I am the same. BUT, I also have neighbors who mow at 8:30pm, and their mowers are MUCH louder than my motorcycle, for about an hour, right next door. I also have neighbors who put their trash to the street at 5am on trash day because they forgot to do it the night before, and the wheeled plastic trash bin is loud on driveways. And I have neighbors with kids that shriek for fun at any hour of the day, for fun... And I mean shriek. Sure the parents yell at them to stop it but....A motorcycle is nowhere near as obnoxious as these other regular neighborhood activities.

    I have an across the street neighbor who has a Harley, it is not the loudest bike nor the quietest, he starts it and leaves for work at 6am, when the weather will be nice. He sometimes does the bar run with his buds, and comes back way after dark. It's life.

    I haven't had a complaint about my bike yet, and probably never will, because we all understand someone can't throw the first "stone". If someone complains, it's game over and everyone is guilty in some way of "transgressing" against their neighbors. Dogs barking for hours outside, kids running into the street without checking, gas powered trimmers (the worst), one guy working on his house until midnight two weeks straight, power tools , table saw and all. Jeez.

    The TW is a very quiet bike. Just ride.
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    Quote Originally Posted by assquatch20 View Post
    A copper 45° elbow slipped over the end of the muffler, pointed down. Put some flat black paint on it and it looks normal. I'm not at all the first to do this.
    seems too simple, but it knocked 5dB off my bike... (and increased HP by 5!)
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    Quote Originally Posted by joeband View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by assquatch20 View Post
    A copper 45° elbow slipped over the end of the muffler, pointed down. Put some flat black paint on it and it looks normal. I'm not at all the first to do this.
    seems too simple, but it knocked 5dB off my bike... (and increased HP by 5!)
    Be careful with this mod. It may be more than 5 hp. I've heard of people shredding the rear tire after that mod. Also breaking the chain if you ever get traction.
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    Anyone use the DG quiet inserts?....rejet in order if installed?
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    The comments about use of higher gears is informative but the Original Poster TeeDoubleUTwoHundred's question was about limiting the noise emissions during warming up, likely in neutral.

    Certainly a copper 3/4" elbow helped my exhaust note. I tried a 1" elbow for awhile but thought it actually made things a bit louder so removed it. My other TW features a secondary muffler welded behind the OEM silencer, it marginally helps reduce sound at idle but I feel it is not worth the effort.

    Certainly things like the db Snorkel can help but they are pricey and a quasi-permanent installation.db download.jpeg

    However for just a few dollars one can get 5 to 10 feet or more of some very thin wall tubing to slip over end of OEM exhuast just for the warm up period. Discharge end can go outside directed away fro household. It really works as each exhaust pulse flutters down the tubing dissipating in intensity. Get the thinist wall possible like the drain lines for swimming pools. Warm up is usually not needed for me O.P's warm up is likely short enough that there is no damaging heat build up to the tubing.
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    What about having a length of tube/pipe and attach that to a small inlet car muffler? I was thinking any cheap 4 cylinder car muffler should do the trick, or would something from the 6/8 cylinder world be better at suppressing the sound?
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    I recommend a small potato.
    Or a carrot...
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    A half foot piece of tube (or a can with a hole punched in the bottom) loosely packed with furnace insulation works really well when just slipped on during warm up.
    I had a DG pipe on mine and after the neighbors started complaining I made one to use while warming up.
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