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Thread: Riding boots for TW

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    Maverik ATV boots (shorter top versus full MX boots). Helps with walking though I still look like a walking Frankenstein stumbling around. Never leave home without 'em after I broke my foot wearing hiking boots in 2005. This is pair #2 and getting #3 soon. Only have had bruised feet since. I won't wear them soft comfy walking type that look like they protect. No sir, I want protection just like a Trojan supposed to do!
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    With a stiffer MX boot you'll probably want a longer shifter and have to squat and bend your left knee further and tilt your hips to shift when standing. It's quite awkward.

    I have seen a few boots with a limited ankle hinge which offers max protection without hindering shifting/braking movements. Something I'll be looking for in my next boot. Like Fox Offroad boots.
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    I, like Admiral, prefer lower cut boots for day to day riding. I have a pair of Alpinestars Tech7s MX boots that collect dust except for the few times a year I'm dumb enough to chase my buddies kid around his MX track. The Tech7s are more than I prefer when riding the TW even offroad.

    I had a pair of Alpinestars Tech2s that were low and I loved. They got stolen out of the back of a truck a couple of years ago and they don't make them anymore so I wasn't able to replace.

    Now that I'm back in the market for some short boots, I recently tried the Oneal Shortys but it was like having a cinder block attached to each foot so they're a no go. I'm now considering the Fox Bombers and Alpinestars Belize Drystars.
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    Love the Gaerne Oiled waterproof boots for TW, XT, ATV & trials riding. There is NO break-in needed since it is oiled leather. Most trials riding shops will have several brands of riding boots to try on. In AZ, the trials dealer says he sells 9 pair of Gaerne Balance Oiled's per 10 pair of boots & they can be re-soled. The oiled's now come in either their proprietary waterproofing & Gortex. The dealer indicated the Gaerne Balance non-oiled's are regular stiff leather & require break-in but cost less.

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    You'll see that it boils-down to individual preference. I'm using these Alpinestars Tech 3 Enduro boots. Paid around $200 for them. Been great protection for the rough stuff and my feet stay dry at creek crossings. They also have a decent lug sole for those times when you need traction from your footwear.
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    I use Forma Advebture boots (brown). They are a big overbuilt for protection for a TW-200, since I use them on the BMW R1150 GS Adventure. They are supremely comfortable, even for my size 11 flat feet. I have even hiked a few miles in them in Yellowstone. As for protection, I high-sided my T-Dub, and the bike slammed all of it's weight onto my ankle. Were it not for these boots, my ankle would certainly have been broken. That's enough for me to want to recommend them to you guys. Hunt around for the best price. I found the price in the web to vary widely. They can be bought more cheaply at other places than RevZilla...


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    Hello Orrsmills!

    My boots of choice are the Gaerne Balance Oiled Boots!!!

    I chose these boots after much deliberation and self-debate, numerous nights reading and researching!!!

    I wanted a waterproof boot so I started looking at all the euro brands within the trials market. They ride in the wet all the time.
    I wanted a boot with a small toe-cap area to fit under the gear-shift lever easily. This is very important! MX boots just feel massively too bike on the TW200.
    I wanted a boot I can walk around in. The trials guys are doing a lot of standing... on the pegs. hehehe
    I wanted a boot that didn't look like I was going to the track or like a freestyle dude about to pull some backflips,
    I wanted a boot that looks the adventure part.
    I wanted a boot that would go with either motor gear or under my 5.11 STRYKE pants.

    AND Brown blends in with nature, desert and woods...

    See my whole boot post within my thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by orrsmills View Post
    what boots do you folk recommend for riding the TW on trails, etc?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trail Woman View Post
    Heels just get in the way.
    Are we still talking about riding motorcycles?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rickhem View Post
    Are we still talking about riding motorcycles?
    I know right..It's not like a motorcycle boot with a little heel is there to make your legs sexier, look taller on the bike, or hook into stirrups on horseback. None of which have anything to do with motorcycles. lol

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    I have a pair of Forma Adventure lows and they are great for what I do.
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