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Thread: Free Parts TW200

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    Free Parts TW200

    Hey guys,

    Been away from the forum for years since i sold my highly modded TW 200 which brought me many miles of smiles in Northern Michigan. Riding my modded 2018 WR250R and really liking it. Anyway, I was cleaning/organizing the garage when I came across a nice cache of TW parts. Partial list: 1. Complete non-cali oil cooler kit. 2. LED turn signals 3. IMS longer steel shift lever. 4. Aluminum longer shift lever. 5. KW oil filters, KW air filter. 6. LED tail light bulb. 7. tappet tool. 8. seals, gaskets, o rings. 9. Front and rear OEM brake pads and shoes. 10. oil drain plugs. 11. left front foot rest assembly. Rough estimate is close to $500.00 worth of new parts.

    As soon as i opened the box and saw the oil cooler, many memories of the TW, the forum help I received, and departed forum member Lizdbrth came to mind. He took the time to help a newbie 1st time TW owner and modder on many occasions. . With all of the help i received from the forum I would like to give back and offer the parts free. I only ask that you pay for the actual shipping cost. I will ship economy USPS. Parts will ship from Michigan.

    Please do not ask for the parts if your intent is to resell them. Nothing wrong with making profit, but that is not the intent of this offer. I would like the parts to go someone who needs and can use them. I will randomly select a person from those interested.

    Thanks, Dusty

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    Dusty, you are a good man!

    I could use a couple the parts, but I don't want to take the ones I don't really need.

    If you are willing to separate, I could use:
    1. Complete non-cali oil cooler kit.
    3. IMS longer steel shift lever

    If you don't want to separate, I completely understand.
    And I still think you're a good man!
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    Consider me interested.
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    I'll gladly pay the shipping.
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    Got any pictures of your WR250R?

    Oh yeah, cool to help other people out with the free parts. Have a good day, sir.
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    Good karma coming your way, brother. Very cool.

    And I would like to see the WR as well. I'll be hunting for a clean WR250X in the off season.
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    Nice gesture bro.
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    Good man, it all comes back around.
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    There is much in this world to make you believe it is filled with rottenness. This post makes me feel good about things! I dont need the parts. I just needed to see this post.

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    Hey man. I'd be more than happy to take those off your hands. Was just recently gifted a TW and it needs a lot of work.

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