Bought a 97’ TW200 need some advice
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Thread: Bought a 97’ TW200 need some advice

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    Bought a 97’ TW200 need some advice

    I am so glad this forum is here. I’ve been reading and reading. Thank you for all your shared knowledge.

    I bought a TW200 to hopefully take along when traveling. I have a Ram 1500 with the hemi (bed length 67.2”) pulling a 1999 25’ Airstream.
    Any suggestions for best way to bring the TW along? Is there a way to mount a hauler between the trucks rear bumper and the Airstream, which will be hitched with a weight distribution hitch?
    Or should I just put the TW in the bed of the truck caddy corner? And if so any suggestions for keeping it there?

    2nd question: any suggestions or advice for a saddlebag or soft bag setup so I can carry gear for a day ride or overnite trip?

    3rd question: Any suggestions for a windscreen?

    Last question: what type of helmet do you use / suggest for mixed use- light street, gravel roads and trails?

    Thank you in advance,

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    Starting at the bottom, if you value your face & teeth a full face helmet is your only option. Windscreen? IMO not really needed as the TW will not spend too much time over 45 or 50 mph. Just use tie downs to secure the moto in the truck bed. I use a receiver mounted rack on the back of my tiny Tacoma to haul the bike. However your situation is different. There probably is a way to mount a rack between the truck & trailer, but that is beyond my expertise. The truck bed is probably your best bet. You might find a way to mount the TW on the back of the Airstream. BTW, we have a 42’ 1953 Spartan trailer which fortunately is permanently parked at our winter home in Borrego Springs, CA. Vintage trailer living at its best! Enjoy the TW, it is a great bike for hauling around.
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    El Chivo gave you some good pointers. As for helmets, well, everyone's got their idea of what's important and what's not. I myself have never been a fan of a "full faced" helmet. But, that's just me. I've tried a few of them and, to me, they're like putting on a deep sea divers helmet. So, I use my good ole' 3/4 street helmet. It's always worked just fine for me. This is a choice thing. Now, as for hauling the T-dub. Well, yeah, the back of the truck is the most logical place. But, getting it up there and back down, can be problematic. Some guys don't really have any issue with that kind of a situation but, again, it can be a bit on the dangerous side if, you're loading it or, unloading it wrong and it results in a hurt back or arms or something else.

    Or, depending on just how the rear of the Airstream is constructed, you may be able to mount a lighter weight bike hauler on the back of it. You'll have to assess that yourself. But, if that works, then loading and unloading of the T-dub is seriously easier than in the back of the truck. IF the frame of the Airstream is stout enough to handle the 278 lbs of the T-dub and a hauler, then maybe a slight structural adapter might have to be made, to accommodate the hauler. No biggie. And, another good part about hauling the dub that way is, you don't have to separate the truck and trailer when camping, just to get the dub out of the truck. And that can be a pain, especially with a weight distributing hitch.

    Now, if you do end up hauling the T-dub on the back of the Airstream, that potentially has some affect on tongue weight of that trailer. Maybe not much but, it's worth considering. Good luck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wyldelee View Post
    Last question: what type of helmet do you use / suggest for mixed use- light street, gravel roads and trails?
    Have a look at SHARP Ratings beforehand,whatever type you finally choose.
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    Don't try and haul it in between the truck and trailer. So either in the bed and use supplied tie downs, should be on in each corner, or consider mounting tie downs to the bed's base. Other wise, if the air stream has the ability to take an additional hitch on the rear: 1) hitch mount hauler, used one on my SUV years ago, made of aluminum, worked great OR you could potentially as a small motorcycle trailer to the back of the airstream, just don't ever expect to go in reverse with a dual jointed system like that. Like others have mentioned, a lot will depend on the capability of the airstream.

    I have a 45' toy hauler as it is, while great for hauling said toys, i'ts a beast being pulled by a Ram dually 3500, which makes for challenging traveling at times.

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    A precautionary measure if loading in the back of the truck is to run a strap or rope from the trailer hitch to about halfway or less down the ramp so said ramp has less chance of slipping off the tailgate.

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