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Thread: Cool guys and dweebs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxpower View Post
    I have fun on my TW. However I need more of a dirt bike. I tried, I got a new shock and tried to live a lie, but I need more off road. No regrets. No law saying I can't own one in the future. ( the next TW i would own will have a disc)
    The problem is I enjoy this forum. Would you mind a xr250 owner hanging out here with the cool guys? There's of course lots of great people on other forums. But there are dweebs too that I have no patients for. I like tw guys because they are not pretentiousness and for the time I've hung here respectful of opposing opinions
    I'd love to keep it and have multiple bikes,however I'm trying to simplify. My goal by the time I retire is to have a backpack for clothes and a gear bag for riding
    I'm in the same boat except I couldn't give up the teedub... I just added a yz450f to the stable.image.jpg
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    Parked next to my TW is my Beta 300. It has about 3x the power, and weighs close to 100lbs less. That's for blasting down trails and the tough stuff.

    Parked next to that is an 800lb Honda Valkyrie that's old enough to buy a beer.

    Each has it's purpose. I wouldn't want to ride 1500 miles to Vegas on the Beta any more than I'd like to take the Valkyrie on an enduro run.
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    "old enough to buy a beer" LOL I got a good laugh out that one bro...
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    Different bikes for different needs, as many already stated. Nice that motos are small enough to have a few & not cramp the garage too much. I had not ridden dirt bikes since I was a kid until I bought the Tdub last year because of where I live part time. I have always been a 500cc street bike guy, but I find the TW to be an absolute blast around town & on trails. I just enjoy plugging along with a big smile. Lack of speed is no problem in this context. However, since my wife will probably claim the TW as her own at some point I too will be looking for some 250cc dual-sport as another option.
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    I don't have a TW200 anymore, I have a BMW F700GS and a BMW r1200rt and a Yamaha xt250 for putting around. This is the best forum on earth.
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    Is TWeeb a word? Because I think I am one.
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