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Thread: What have you done with your TW today?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TWilight View Post
    George, that is a good looking tire on back.

    I did a little work on my new Hitch Rack today, as I installed new LED taillights yesterday, but only wired them up temporarily, as I drove over to Plumbstraights' house, and on the way home stopped by my favorite electrical supply store, as they have really cool heat-shrink tubing, in a variety of colors, diameters, and lengths.

    So, today I lifted the 4Runner on my shop lift, which lifted the bike up in the air for me (understandable in the pictures), and I could work at standing height.

    Got is all done, nice and tidy/sanitary. All wiring is inside at least one covering of heat-shrink tubing, and where there was a connection made...there are two layers of heat-shrink tubing. All tie-wrapped to the carrier, die-electric grease put on the plug-in to the 4Runner, and star washers wherever they needed to be a good ground.

    This Hitch Rack, weighing in at 100 lbs, and then the bike....with all the items I have added on to it, weighing in at 344 lbs, gives me a total weight of 444 lbs onto the rear hitch. Yet, as Plumbstraight saw yesterday, the 4Runner sits level. And it drives pretty nice with that heavy load on the back.

    Attachment 26399 Attachment 26400 Attachment 26401
    Loving the set up Mike. I have a wide open bed but like the idea of the receiver carrier
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    The first tw200forum get-together in South Africa. Ilan and I went for a 60 mile ride today. We met on the forum about 6 months ago and at last we were able to go for a ride today!


    Stopping for a short water-break


    Corn-man getting lost in the corn. Are you sure that GPS directions are correct?? It is late summer over here and everywhere we went everything was beautiful and green.

    As you can see we were not afraid of any obstacles in our way today. . .

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    Corn Man taking a leak in the corn?
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    Still, I rise!
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    It's all fun, till someone gets mud in their eye....

    Love ya brother Corn!!! Proud of ya bro!!!
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    This was an awesome ride! Thanks Cornelis! Bikes need a good wash now. Here is a photo of Cornelis and the CornShield - next to a CornField. uploadfromtaptalk1454177238524.jpg

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    Your bike looks great. For those of you riding along side Betty...don't forget your polarized goggles . What kind of shock did you put on your TDUB?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fred View Post
    I figure if can zip tie the "towel rack" to Cycle rack, toss on my Off-Road Valise ( holds 4 quarts of water, windbreaker and snacks, tow-rope and lots of Zip-Ties) zip tied again, then throw on VersaPack saddlebag.This should result in load being fairly high overall allowing towel rack legs to be trimmed fairly short enhancing rigidity. I am really only asking it to survive one or two overnight trips It was salvaged from a closet make-over anyways but should one wish to buy the material it is about $6.00. It was either use it somehow or send it to the metal recyclers

    EDIT: "That is a great dual use platform Fred. Ingenuity at it's best" -Now if I was really clever I'ld figure out how to use it as a combination BBQ grill and fish trap.
    would love to see how those petand horse saddlebags hang on that

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    The wife and I went for a very early ride (she rides her own TW) on Glendora Mountain Road in Southern California. Being From So Cal, we froze in the 50 F degree weather, but it was an awesome ride.
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    Well today here in the wonderful PNW, east side saw 45 degrees. I feel early feb will see some decent riding days, so after topping off the batteries on all 4 bikes and draining the gas out of the snowblower I have either cursed myself or prepared myself for a great start to the riding season. I put fresh gas in the "99 ZombieStomper and tickled the carb...second kick with full choke in a 50 degree garage after 2 months of sitting and she fired right up! Time to warm up the oil and do the yearly servicing!

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    I have a new 428 O ring chain and 55 tooth sprocket to mount. I also have a new 14 front that came with the bike. I am considering getting a Duro so may wait to install.
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