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Thread: What have you done with your TW today?

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    Rode it yesterday, but today it made the 'key rack' : )...

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    Oil change and kick start install.20190518_224410.jpg

    Hoping the pic works...
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    Quote Originally Posted by KL2 View Post
    Oil change and kick start install.

    Hoping the pic works...
    Good luck!
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    Finally got around to adjusting the air/fuel mixture screw. I was getting popping on deceleration, which I am told means it was running lean. This went away after making the air/fuel mixture... Fatter?

    The basic procedure is to remove the plug in front of the adjustment screw, tighten said screw, then untighten a certain amount. The hardest part of this is removing the plug due to it's orientation on the bottom of the carb. Some stuff I read said to remove the carb, but rotating sufficed for me. Once the plug is removed you can easily enough get a short screwdriver in there to adjust.

    I know many have done this, but for some reason I could not find pics of the procedure. Thought I'd make some as I went.

    Step 0: Turn on some tunes. I used the Ghost album Ceremony and Devotion in this instance.

    Step 1: Gather tools. I used a JIS screwdriver, small flathead screwdriver from a eyeglass kit, needle-nose pliers, Robinson screwdriver and a small screw.


    Step 1a: Feel sorry for those who do not have access to Robinson or Torx screws. They make one handed operations much easier. Helps when you are ham fisted.


    Step 2: Loosen carburetor front ring clamp (I think that's what they are called) to help allow easier carb rotation. Mine seemed to rotate without doing this, so this step may not be required.


    Step 3: Loosen carburetor rear ring clamp. Again, you may be able to skip this step.


    Step 4: Turn the handlebars to the right to release a bit of tension on the throttle cable. Rotate carburetor bottom out 45 degrees towards the choke side. This takes a bit of force so just rotate enough to access the bottom of the carb. If you feel you have to twist too hard, you may have to remove the carb.


    Step 5: Thread screw into hole in plug. I think that older TWs don't come with a hole. If that's the case, drill a small hole being careful not to mar the brass screw underneath.


    Step 6: Pry out plug. I forgot to take a pic of this step and had to edit the picture using advanced photo manipulation software. If you know what to look for you may be able to see where I altered the pic.


    Step 7: Return carb to original position, and tighten clamps. I suppose you can adjust the air/fuel mixture screw at this point, but I didn't.


    Step 8: Mark screwdriver to help when counting rotations.


    Step 9: Gently turn screw clockwise until it's all the way down. My screw from the factory needed about 1.75 turns. Now turn counterclockwise 2.5 turns.


    Step 10: Go for a ride.

    Your picture goes here
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    Husqvarna 6440 - she may be old, but she still runs like a sewing machine.
    2006 TW200

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