Cold starting.
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Thread: Cold starting.

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    Cold starting.

    Any insight on starting your TWs in cold weather? This is my first fall/winter with my TW. It seems to have crank. Just didn't want to start this morning.

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    Not uncommon. Here’s what I’d work on to hopefully improve it.

    Make sure battery is in proper health
    Try adjusting the air/fuel mixture screw
    Clean and lube air filter
    Inspect carb boots

    Carb clean and inspection
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    Make sure to choke it. Mine won't even consider starting without full choke under about 65F.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TDubbery View Post
    Make sure to choke it. Mine won't even consider starting without full choke under about 65F.
    And I dont think it helps to twist the throttle until after it actually starts either
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    I just choke it, DON'T GIVE IT ANY THROTTLE. She starts right up even when cold as exhibited by pic. Started right up!
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    Check the condition of your battery – this is the most common fault. Normal starting (for me anyway), is full choke, no throttle (from cold). It should “chuckle” into life from there

    If the battery is naffed, you may have enough to crank it over via the electric boot, but not enough power to the spark plug. I ran a Suzuki GT550 like that for a year – prime it on the electric start – kick it to get it running

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