Anti Vibe Foot Pegs?
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Thread: Anti Vibe Foot Pegs?

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    Anti Vibe Foot Pegs?

    Just picked up a nearly new TW today. I am having an ankle replaced and the doc recommended minimizing any vibration to the replacement so I am looking for the most vibration free foot peg I can mount on the mule. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    Thank you

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    Know of no anti vibe foot pegs but gel inserts for your footwear might help .
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    If you do a Google search, you will find many cheap Chinese pegs, and a few “more expensive” ones However, they all have one thing in common – rubber – the trouble with that is rubber gets slippery when wet. However, if all you intend to ride is roads, rubber coated pegs are perfectly acceptable

    I understand that Harley’s use rubber not only underfoot, but also on the frame mounts – which will take a bit of creativity to achieve on the TW

    As a compromise – take a look at these -

    Horrendously expensive on the face of it, but then do you really want to go through ankle surgery again ?
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    Hmmm. I can offer suggestions but they are temporary. Essentially just band-aids until you heal, and as aforementioned, will be slippery wet or offroad.

    I've had metal footpegs that wore down and became slick. In the meantime I took heavy duty hose (this was brewery hose but you could use heavy duty vinyl, or rubber), that took much effort to slide over the peg it self. It provided some cushion and greatly reduced vibration. I then siped the surface that was on the top to give me better traction. It worked well for a little while until my replacement pegs came in.
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    Have never heard of excess vibration at the footpegs. Probably because overshadowed by vibey handgrip/handlebars or seat.
    But... maybe as simple as Dr. Schols or other gell insert in you shoes, something like that?
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    I would put my money into good boots and wider foot pegs rather than trying to find rubber covered pegs. The wider pegs offer much better grip and spread out the pressure. I've never noticed any vibration through the wider pegs and my Sidi Adventure boots with Vibram soles. Just imagine what your Doc will say if your foot slips off the rubber pegs and breaks that new ankle!!
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