Two Best Bikes
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Thread: Two Best Bikes

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    Cool Two Best Bikes

    Hey guys and girls, I'm happy to report (much like a new father) a new bike in the barn. I recently picked up a new 2018 KLR 650 to keep my 2018 TW 200 company when i'm not riding.
    I think these are the two best bikes for the type of adventure riding I do. Anyone else rocking this pair. Thought and opinions welcomed. Let the good times roll.

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    I don’t own a KLR650, but am considering one as a compliment to the TW. There are so many of them out there on Craigslist at good prices that it is almost hard to say no. Tried & true plus basic & simple is a difficult combo to pass up.
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    I had a KLX-650 but it was too bulky for steep single track use so I sold it. I would imagine the KLR to be even heavier. Still have an XR-500 and a XL-350 to keep my TW company. The TW is my go-to bike and really the only one I have riden in many years.
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    I owned a 2005 KLR for a few years. After tricking it out (the usual gearing/spocket/doo-dad's/etc.) I sold it. Nothing left to do.
    I think the first bike that I heard the word "farkle"

    I tend to like the older model styles more than the newer ones. But now with production cancelled I think all will becomes somewhat of a bike to own and hold on to if you get the opportunity.
    Much as a Sportster is the gateway for Harley, the KLR seemed to me to be the frugal entry into Dual Sport in the 650 class for Kawasaki. I think they made a terrible mistake cancelling it. Never had a problem selling them.
    For myself it was too heavy for me to get away with the stuff I do on the XR or TW. But it was such a great all-around do-anything motorcycle.

    Looking back it is a sale that I regret. Maybe why I ended up buying the TW years later as a kick-around but not too serious Dual-Sport.

    Mine came with the stock Dunlaps and it was a choppy ride. I was going to change the suspension but someone recommended MEFO Adventure 50/50 tires, German.
    Incredible difference in the ride and feel on the street or light trail riding.

    KLR Pix 2-13-09 002.jpg

    KLR Pix 2-13-09 003.jpg
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    I put a lot of miles on a 2000 KLR650, but it got sold after I got married. I have a DR650 now, and after the mods I've done I do like it better and don't ever plan on selling it. The big bikes do complement the TW very well, each has it's own strength.

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    I've got a 03 Dub and an 08 KLR with all the known problems solved. ( I Hope) Triple-B is a top heavy beast but once she's moving not much a stop her. Not even a pretty good sized pine tree could slow her down. She just plowed right into it with me just hanging on for the ride. Knocked the poor thing over and tore it out of the ground! Now that's a bike you can trust.
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    I have an 05 KLR that will only be sold at my estate sale.
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    I won't say best two bike combo but similar idea to you KLR and Big DR boys & girls, I picked up an XT350 to complement my TW(s). I really got it because it ran and was very cheap. Now that I have it running pretty good I'm growing into it. Good thing it's a good starter because with no magic e-button it could be a bearcat.

    I like to saunter and trot with my TW but the XT350 is gonna be good when I gotta giddy-up and gallop for a few miles quicker.
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