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    Firstly a big THANK YOU to the people running this site. Awesome job, awesome site, especially for some-one as addicted to Tw's as myself and many others, I'm sure.

    Anyway, my suggestion...How about a Thumbs Up for comments you like similar to the facebook thumbs up.

    So often I read a brilliant comment that makes me chuckle or mechanically / electrically / etc, I totally agree with and wish to express my "Agreed / Well done old chap / Brillaint / etc" support for.

    Furthermore I think it would also help anyone searching for information to get a more informative view.


    Mr X writes - 15W-50 oil is the best for a TW (Hopefully a lot of people agree and give a thumbs up)

    Mr Y writes - No, No! Two stroke oil is the correct way to go (Hopefully a lot less people agree)

    So some-one looking for oil info, finds the oil info thread, reads it - sees Ok most guys agree with Mr. X and thinks I should buy that then.

    So if it is possible to program in? And if a few other members agree with me? Would you clever programing site administrators please consider adding it to this awesome site?

    Best regards,


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    Do the "Green Plus +" and "Red Minus -" buttons at the bottom right hand corner of each post do what you want to achieve??

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    LOL, never even noticed those......
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    Hitting a red button on this forum has caused many a hurt feelings. Use with caution if you must!
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    Quote Originally Posted by admiral View Post
    Hitting a red button on this forum has caused many a hurt feelings. Use with caution if you must!

    I just had to do that after you posted it

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    I use a shopping forum sometimes and it has thumbs up or down thread ratings like Grant suggested. I think it's probably something the forum software needs to offer but here's what it looks like: site example. I find it handy for the shopping forum, identifying an especially hot deal.

    I don't quite understand the red and green thing here. Does it just rate a single post? Does it serve much of a purpose...other than relieving "post rage"....or starting it?

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