How to carry a water bottle With a cyclerack
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    Yeah this isnt anything big or fancy but if a feller wants to go for a short ride and not take a bag or tank bag then this works. I have never lost a bottle yet and bungee cords are great to have on a bike anyway. Its easy and convient just to throw a bottle on the bike and go. It works very well with 16.9-20oz bottles. Off/On in seconds without undoing your bungee, just move the cord over and pull out your bottle. Anyway i thought i would share this since i find myself doing it all the time. And you can still put a bag over it on the rack and have the extra bottle. .

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    Thanks Smalls!

    That is a very handy hint.

    The Cyclerack is a big ol' thing but I often find myself puzzled by how difficult it is to carry smaller items. Sometimes I wish it had a few bars running in the front to back direction.


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