T-Dub To The Rescue!
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    Last week my truck's alternator died down in Colorado Springs. A friend came and we got the battery juiced up enough to get me back to Castle Rock, but I would be without a truck for a few days while I ordered the alternator, installed it, etc.

    So, with God smiling down on me by allowing the alternator to go while we had a brief period of not only warmer weather, but veritable riding weather, I looked over at T-dub. I hadn't taken her out of winter hibernation yet, but I woke the poor girl up and determined her battery needed a little juice.

    After a few minutes of quick charging I started her up and took her for a spin around the neighborhood to check brakes, etc. Good as when I set her in for winter!

    So, for 2 days T-dub got to play the heroine in the story while my truck played the part of the villain. It was just enough to get the riding bug back and now I can't wait for warmer weather.

    Now to install the kick-starter and the XT350 tank before I really need them!
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    My TW came to the rescue yesterday when a friend's 96 CR125 wouldn't start while we were a couple miles from home. I rode back to his place and picked up a tow strap, then rode back to him and towed him on his bike with the TW! We got some funny looks as I'm 220ish and he's damn near 300 himself...
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    At least no one had to push their bike home. Even a couple of miles would be horrible.
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