How was your ride today?
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    Jun 2011
    today was a great ride. lots of people occupied by Easter so the roads were pretty empty and a lot of stores were closed so that helped to. Only one thing getting hit in the middle of the neck by a bug hurt good!

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    Cayce, SC
    I took out the ktm and the lady took her klx. 70° out and sunny. Perfect day to ride about 50 miles. It has been great having my riding buddy back in the saddle. I am lucky to have a fiancee that rides! I am so glad that I bought her that ttr125 for christmas last year.
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    Feb 2012
    I actually took a decent ride yesterday with my room mate. About 200 miles round trip. Rode from Phoenix to globe to check out some of the canyons. Gotta say, considering it was mostly highway (65 limit) TW held up awesome!. Weather out here has been awesome since I arrived. 70 at night 80-90 during the day.

    2001 TW

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    Jul 2011
    Providenciales, Turks & Caicos
    Went out with my sister for a last ride. She visited me for the past 6 weeks. We did a last 4 hour tour of the island. Stayed mostly on paved or gravel roads. Did a lot of off-road biking and beach riding in the past weeks. She hates to back to Germany where it's still snowing. No way for her to get her BMW R 1200 GS out of hibernation.

    I got my second TW so we could ride together. She really got to love the little rascal and we had an awesome time together. And the TW played a big role!!

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    Jun 2012
    Southern Michigan
    Lovely day! Stopped off at a Circle K for a soda and when I got out, my TW wouldn't start.


    Ended up I needed gas. But there was gas in the tank I swear. Makes me wonder if my reserve tube is blocked or something.

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    Mar 2013
    Central Missouri
    Did some gravel roading today, about 40 miles. Still a bit chilly so the slow speeds were perfect!

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    Mar 2011
    Gobles, michigan
    My wife and I took our dubs out for a nice country road ride...... Hit the gravel roads now that they have firmed up. Mid 50s, about 25 miles... Dubs are running great. OMM.

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    Jun 2011
    Tucson, AZ
    If you're near South Eastern Oklahoma I highly recommend the Choctaw Nation Trail. I tracked a bit of it on Everytrail (iphone app)but it goes much farther than the 8 miles I recorded Saturday afternoon.

    Trail head at Talimena State Park.

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    Mar 2012
    Spokane, WA USA
    We had the nicest Easter I can remember her in Spokane WA. It started warming up early as I worked putting some new bars on the Tdub. I got them set up and played around with it a little but I had to get to work on replacing the leaking shock on my Vstrom. I got that done and decided to take it on an Easter run. I did about 50 miles of rolling country roads with some cool climbs and not too many straights. It was about 70 degrees and a really nice ride.

    That bike goes up for sale next week. It is a really nice ride and does everything well but it never really excited me to ride. I actually enjoy the Tdub more
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    Lost Wages
    My link

    The 3 Amigos did a ride in NV and AZ Strip area.

    Came upon a crash site of a two-seater.......

    Looking forward to riding with B-Dub in two weeks,,,,,,,,,,,Yeah..


    My 1st post, yikes.
    Old As Dirt,

    Living in Las Vegas and loving it.

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