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    How do the sidewalls on the TW hold up, I plan to do some off road riding in places where I've chopped up an ATV tire or two.
    Greg from Glenville

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    Let us know [s]if[/s] when you get back!

    Just kidding, be safe. I've wondered about this myself.

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    Supposedly they're fairly thin: but I can't recall reading anything on this forum about anyone having a sidewall slice on a TW. Some of the folks around here do some pretty gnarly rides on these bikes; there's a video kicking around of some folks riding them in Moab, too. The rear has knobs extend quite far down, and the front is usually less likely to be victim to it unless you're riding in a razor blade pit, since it is undriven. That said, you're less likely to get a sidewall puncture on a bike anyway, because you can pick different lines than on a quad.

    I think you're much more likely to suffer a straight on vertical puncture.

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