On Amazon, I was not real sure of which one might fit the TW, so I called AC Delco direct. He also did not have one listed for the TW, so I asked him for the specs for the one for the Xt 225. He said that the battery for that one was # ATX 7 LBS, which is an AGM style battery that has 85 cranking amps at 32 F. Dimensions are: 5.2" H x 4.4 " L x 2.8" W. he said the positive terminal is on the right side closest to you when you have the length (4.4" ) between your hands. The negative terminal would be on the left side closest to you while holding it likewise. I measured my battery box and believe that it will work fine. (. Double check for yourself ) Looks to me to be a pretty good deal for $34.42 + tax ( delivered ) The discount can only be used once, which I used for a different bike of mine . Hope this helps someone.