Speedometer is slow
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    My speedo is slow to respond. It seems to take a few extra seconds to reach the speed im going and even when i am declerating it takes a few for it to start to respond. I checked the speedo cable its not broke. A friend of mine told me to spray the inside with contact cleaner. I should spray where the cable goes into the speedo. Anyone else have a possible fix? I just oredered the 47 tooth sproket too, trying to get bike ready for summer. Thanks guys and ride TW.

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    My best guess would be you need a new cable, it could be dirty inside and bound up.

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    Its definitely the speedo, i hooked it up to my drill and it was still slow at responding, but thanks for the imput. Has anyone else had this problem or aa possible suggestion?

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    I've been doing tom experimenting with a Zong speedo. When I took the stock speedo off I noticed it seemed to be slow at responding to the drill. I can take a video of it tomorrow.

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    My 09's speedo works well....possibly some internal component needs cleaned / lubed / replaced.

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