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    I would like to know what others that have ordered from Partzilla formerly Powersports Plus / have experienced.

    I have placed 4 orders with them over the course of the last year or so totaling over $600 and they have screwed up every order.

    They never update the order status on the website.

    Most recently....They sent me emails saying the parts had shipped FEDEX ground on April 16. I only live 75 miles from them, after 3 days now I still don't have my parts!!! I call them and they are all nonchalant saying it looks like the order was lost? LOST? Whats the tracking number? She gives me some BS saying there wasn't one.

    Here is what I can't understand. I ordered on the April 8th, I get an email on the 16th saying its shipped but some of the parts are back ordered and will be sent on April 11th! How is that possible ? Its the 16th and the 11th was 5 days ago. Do they have some kind of time machine!

    If I wasn't in desperate need of these parts I was going to tell them off. I explain the problems I have been having every time with them and she doesn't even apologize and ask me what she is suppose to do about it! I almost blew my top right there! So after a bunch of back and forth they apparently have all the parts in stock and are going to ship them again! I ask when can I expect them and she says she doesn't know but MAYBE I'll get an email update on Monday! MAYBE? WTF? How does this company stay in business. I have found them to be utterly incompetent!

    Anyone else? Or am I extra special??? Sorry If I'm ranting but I've been TWless for 2 weeks, its like coming off heroin!
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    I had one order with them and it took a long time to get it but they did get it right. After that I went to San Jose Yamaha online store. A little more expensive but great service and I can do customer pick ups to save S&H.
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    I just placed a large order with Partzilla last week. I've received emails implying 1/2 of it was shipped but not tracking numbers are listed. One part I need is backordered with an expected ship date in a few weeks. I can't tell if they are holding everything to ship together or not.

    As long as I get everything I'll be happy because their prices were far lower than all the other places I found - at least for OEM parts. Crossing my fingers.

    I have had decent luck with in the past for parts for my Waverunner.
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    A place I get stuff from is Hammond Honda out of Indiana. They have an OEM parts lookup that's similar to both of the places you mentioned.

    Their shipping charges are high, but they've never screwed anything up. Sometimes it takes about 10 days to get stuff (I order vintage japanese bike parts (new, OEM) from them.) is their site.
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    ordering from Partzilla was a bad experience for me.

    I have been very impressed and happy with Rocky Mountain ATV. They are the only online company for motorcycle parts I have had no problems with.

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    Powersports was good. Partzilla is shit. Tried to charge me 140.00 scam on my paypal I never ordered. . I canceled and blocked them. Never again. Scammers. Do not use them.
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    OEM parts from partzilla really sucks. Like you communication and when there is some it's usually wrong. Another thing that pissed me off about their site is that you spend a long time picking out what you want and adding it to your cart and all of a sudden you check your cart and it's empty.

    I guessed that is the related to partzilla but I always get accurate and timely emails from them....and my parts show up pretty fast. I use them for small cost items because of the $1.75 shipping for less than $10. Rocky Mountain is my favorite for all around good service.

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    I've had nothing but good experiences ordering OEM parts from Motosport. They seem to have the more common parts in stock and free shipping over $89 or $99. I've ordered parts for my TW and my Honda 919 and have never had to wait more than a week.

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    I would never buy from a store with the word "World, Land or City" in their name. ie CarpetWorld / CarpetLand or CarpetCity. I'm now going to add Megga and Zilla to that list :-)

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    I've placed a dozen or so orders with over the last couple of years.... Never had a problem (knock on wood). I never had a reason to try partzilla.

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