my gut says 1 in 10,000 are quite morally perturbed by lane splitting
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    so I cut to the front at a red light, in the left only lane. then lady-morally-perturbed-by-my-lane-splitting (LMP) pulls up to the front of the straight ahead lane next to me. LMP rolls down her window and says "trying to get yourself killed?!" I say, "no. how?" LMP says "pulling to the front like that" (I went in front of two stopped cars, I was going like 3 mph) I said "in some states that's legal, was it really that dangerous?" and LMP got even angrier and said she hopes I "get pulled over for being an idiot" (which i guess really should be a crime now that I think about it). I pointed to my licence plate, told her to call the cops & flipped my visor back down. all in a days work
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    I used to lane split all the time because I saw other bikes doing it and assumed that like most other things I want to do, it would be legal here in AZ. Of course I found out that California is the only state that allows MC lane splitting. We almost got lane splitting legalized here last year, but the Governor wouldn't sign the bill.

    As you said jckosnow, it seems the biggest opponents of lane splitting are a tiny minority of non-riding finger-waggers. Funny how small groups of loud opinionated people consistently get their way and ruin things for everyone.

    I enjoyed this video, for those who haven't seen it: How and Why Motorcycle Lane Splitting is Safe and Good
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    when I'm riding in Asia its common practice...really there are few traffic laws enforced...passing in same lane, passing in curves into traffic,etc. traveling at around 35mph its not quite as
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    If you want people to treat you with the same respect as any other vehicle on the road you should abide by the same rules as every other vehicle. Lane splitting is only going to piss people off, its not worth it.

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    Even though it fully legal here in California, they warn you to watch for ignorant drivers. Actually, it's illegal for them

    to impede you but that doesn't stop 'em. I've had bozos edge over to block me on purpose many times. And I

    observed once where the loud pipe equipped unit startled the car driver so much she lurched right into him!

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    Sooo... Let me get this straight! If indeed Calfornya IS the only state that allows lane splitting, I, I, don't know what to think, after all, everything else in this state is illegal, and anything that is legal is still a gray area, or is quickly on it's way to being banned. I feel strange, no, wait, normal, no, wait... m.

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    I've lived here in CA most of my life and of course see it all the time. I've never thought it looked very safe. I have never done it but really don't ride on the freeway or in big cities. I would do it if stuck in a traffic jam but have never gone to front of of the line at a traffic light. Guess I'm just not in that much in a hurry (which is why I ride the Tdub). I live in Woodland (50,000 population) so traffic jams are not very common...
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    I do it quite often at red lights and 99% of the time no problem. I do feel if you cut to the head of the line that once the light turns green one is morally obligated to get the heck out of the way and not hold up everybody else, otherwise stay in line and take your turn.

    As for the other 1%, my worst experience was a young teenage driver that took my lane splitting as a personal insult to his manhood. He passed me on the right by driving on the shoulder and then edged to his left forcing me either into oncoming traffic or slowing down and letting him pass -- which I did. As fate would have it the next time traffic stopped for whatever reason I passed him and about 7 or 8 other cars and was on my way.

    As for being legal in this state I have often wondered for how much longer? It seems the jerks in Sacramento think there job is to pass laws forbidding everything. Anyone notice all the new gun laws being purposed?
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    Lane splitting was recently successfully defended using the "green" angle. It will probably not be challenged again.

    Logic being that it relieves congestion and saves penguins and stuff.

    I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you.

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