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    I recently purchased a rear rack from Cycleracks. However, In every picture I've seen in multiple tw200 forums, with the exception of one, all of the rear racks have the 90 degree upturn at the rear of the rack. This forms a sort of handle and would help to stabalize and hold anything riding on the rack in place. My cyclerack does not have this 90 degree upturn. Did they change how they were making the rack? Did I somehow not get the correct rack. It bolted right up took maybe 10 minutes to install. Emailing the manufacturer has resulted in no answer to the question. Anyone here know if or why they changed the design.


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    Give Don at cycleracks a call. The guy is super nice.

    Phone/Fax: 208 424-9311

    I've heard folks talk about special ordering the racks without the upturn.

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    I got mine a couple months ago and I received it with the upturn. I think I got it in Feb.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sweetzombiejesus View Post
    I got mine a couple months ago and I received it with the upturn. I think I got it in Feb.

    Yes mine has the upturn and it is pretty new.
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    For what it's worth, my (older) Cyclerack does have the upturn and I would rather have the model without the upturn. The upturn has some benefits, but if you want to mount a larger "trunk" or case on the back it can be advantageous to have a flat rack.

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    i recall just reading some one paid $10 extra for the downward curve. they must have somehow shipped you one of those.

    i'd bet they will swap you for an upturn with no problems. there customer service was A+ for me.
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    I ordered the cyclerack without the 90 degree bend; just called Don, and he was very helpful.

    The reason I wanted it straight was so my top case would fit (Don said many people haul "meat" so the 90 degree bend is needed to keep stuff from slipping off the back).

    Mine still works just fine as a handle. And I have even used it to hold the rear tire off the ground to oil my chain.

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    I have one with the upturn, wish that I would have gone with a flat deck on mine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rich View Post
    Give Don at cycleracks a call

    Phone/Fax: 208 424-9311

    I've heard folks talk about special ordering the racks without the upturn.

    As Rich advised,call Don,he is easy to get along with.

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