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    What do you guys carry with you for minor to emergency kits? What would you put in one? I would like to buy or build one for the riding in the outback.


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    i have a small kit like this that i have added a couple extra items, like a tick puller and rubber gloves.
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    Quote Originally Posted by joe band View Post
    i have a small kit like this that i have added a couple extra items, like a tick puller and rubber gloves.
    That kit looks verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry good.... Not that bad of a price either. OMM.

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    I carry a very small kit, a few band aids, triple antibiotic ointment, alcohol swabs, extra strength Excederin and a small roll of gauze. That will take care of anything that I'm capable of taking care of.
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    The REI one is good for the basic stuff. If you have more advanced training I recommend the following:

    Dark Angel Medical

    or the ETA Trauma Kit from ITS Tactical

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    Here's what I carry on the TW all the time (Adventure Medical UL/WP .5):

    Weighs nearly nothing, is waterproof, and has a decent bit of coverage. If I was travelling with more people more often, I'd consider their .9 kit instead. Would burn up a bit more room in the top box or bags, but the supply list is pretty impressive.

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    Carry one of these at all times:

    (There are cheaper options available.)

    I once rode over fifty miles to the nearest hospital with my right leg broken in two places using my fishing rod case as a splint. A SAM Splint or its copy would have been a better option.
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