TW200 Drag Bike Spotted!
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    On Saturday I rode my TW to The Reading Motorcycle Club to help out a friend with his drag bike. Pulled up to by buddies camp and immediately noticed a Tw200 setup for race duty in site next door. Turns out it was being raced by a a kid who must have been about 14 years old. I asked him about the race bike and he gave me the rundown. All they did was add a tach, shift light and a lanyard kill switch. I was super impressed that the bike was being raced. Funny thing is the kid was impressed that I rode mine to work...

    I later got to see the bike go down the track and I have to say the kid handled it well. I am posting pic's and video below.



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    Very cool!
    If you can't find it, grind it

    1990 TW200

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    Neat New use for a TW, thats for sure! Good on the kid for giving it a go. Looks like he does alright.

    1997 TW, well loved, a bit modified.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jontow View Post
    Neat New use for a TW, that's for sure! Good on the kid for giving it a go. Looks like he does alright.
    I do like the 06 paint job.................... Nobbies and all............. Omm.

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    thanks for sharing this!
    2012 TW200, 1993 KLR650, 1992 GSX750F

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    That looks great, what fun. Well getting a bit long in the tooth, had a dream the other night about a cruiser. Stretch out the frontend, bob the frame a bit with a single tushpad, set of apehangers, highway foot bars, just kick back and dazzle the gals lol.

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