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    Glad to find this forum...

    Just bought Diane a 1991 TW, after reading about how user friendly and tough they are.

    I drive a DT200, but she finds it a bit tall and scary, being a 2 stroke. She LOVES the TW after one ride.

    I'm having a few issues with it, and it's missing a part or 3, but as rare as these are, or maybe nobody is willing to part with them, I'm glad to have a starting point.

    I've downloaded the Yamaha manual, but I sure wish there was a better one.

    I'm looking for both side covers, and a hint as to where to buy the correct carb kit for the early (1991) bike. It runs GREAT, but it seems like the choke is not working. A spritz of gas in the airbox, and it fires right up.

    Anyhoo, I'll be reading through the forum, drop me a line if you're "local"!


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    Congrats on the bike, Diane will love that bike the more she rides it.

    As far as the carb goes, BEFORE you tear into it, I would suggest a full tune-up first! This would include a valve adjustment, cam chain adjustment, new air filter & spark plug, (cheap to replace, & well worth it.) Drain the carb bowl too!

    There are several other things to consider depending on how many miles the bike has on it. Depending on your mechanical skill level, you may be able to do most, if not all the stuff yourself. There is not a single thing on this bike that somewhere on this forum someone has addressed, and the more you read, the more you can do, & save $$! (or spend $$, depending on how much you read the customization forum...)

    Read around on the forum, & you will find resources for the parts you need to fix / doll it up! If you can't find it, ask. Someone will know. m.

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    For the plastics, you can try here they sell a complete set if you need to replace them.

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    Where abouts are you Mike? I saw some tw parts (motor, rims...) on the buffalo craigslist if it helps?
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