Local dealership trying to jerk me around?
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    Hi all,

    I'm new to these forums and hope you can help me. I'm located in west Texas and have been looking at the TW200 at the local dealership recently. Found a 2010 with 185,XXX miles. SUPER CLEAN and started right up, with an aftermarket exhaust. New tires, the whole works. Okay, so this bike intrigued me, and I felt that the 180k+ miles would help my case in getting a good deal, right? Boy was I wrong. They were asking for just under 5 grand plus TTL, supposedly because they had messed up and put too much money into it with new tires etc.

    But they conveniently steered me towards a row of brand new TW200's going for over $5,600 +TTL. I was speechless. How could a USED TW with over 185k miles be so much? Not to mention the outrageous price for new ones. Is there anyway I can talk them down? Maybe throw some cold hard facts and figures? They have to be motivated to get rid of that used one, right? Help? Thanks in advanced all! -Zayne

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    Hi Zayne,

    First of all, welcome to the forum!

    Second, are you sure that that 2010 bike really had 185,000 miles on it? The odometer on my 2005 will only go up to a maximum of 99,999.9 before it would presumably roll over. I believe that a forum member (Qwerty?) claimed to have 48,000 miles on his bike, but I have never heard of anything close to 185,000 miles on a TW! My guess is that a bike with that kind of mileage would need more than just tires.

    Here is an active thread with current prices for new TW's so you can see what they are going for in various areas.



    p.s. I just noticed that this thread is double posted and several members had already responded to the first posting.

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    I feel one leg is longer

    Offer 4200 out the door for a new one.

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