How much is my TW worth?
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    I know this is probably a question for the classifieds, but I want a general opinion from my fellow TW riders. I'm moving across the country next month and just can't afford to take my bike with me. I'm looking to sell but would like to know if my base price is reasonable. I'm asking $2,300-2,500, haven't made up my mind.

    • 2009 TW200
    • 6,000 Miles
    • New air filter
    • Fresh Oil Change & Filter (synthetic oil)
    • Wheels are in good condition
    • Brakes are good
    • Has never been dropped, let alone taken on the trails (street use only)
    • New rear and front sprockets (55 tooth?), upgraded for speed.
    • New DID 428VX Professional O-Ring Chain - 428 x 130
    • Has had all its maintenance done. Have all invoices from mechanical upgrades/maintaining.
    • (7 month old battery, could use a recharge) but always starts.
    • Two owners, bought from a shop that bought it from some guy.
    • Clean title
    • Kept outdoors, but with a good quality cover
    • Kept aesthetically clean.

    Will probably come with the helmet ( dark/light visor) and the motorcycle cover.

    Hmmmm, can't really think of anything else as a selling point. What do you guys think?
    2009 TW200, first time rider!

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    That $2,300-2,500 range sounds pretty reasonable to me given the bike's age and mileage. I guess it really depends on your local market. A month isn't much time either, but the good news is these bikes seem to sell fast most of the time.

    Too bad you can't take it with you. Shipping prices for big stuff has gotten pretty insane in the last few years.

    Best of luck with the sale and the move.
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    that seems pretty cheap IMO at least that would be in my area. I dont know where you live, but if you lived in SOCAL I would start the bike at $2800 and wouldnt take less than $2500 but thats just me. Like Don said you are in a small time frame but these bikes do sell like hot cakes. good luck!.................alex

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    A lot depends on where you live. Also how bad do you need to get rid of it. You do not say where you are from so it's hard for someone close to give any good suggestions. Here in Wash. State that is a very good price and would sell quick. Good luck
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    Thanks for the input guys. I live in NC, smallish town but there are some bigger places close-by. Not the best market to sell a bike, but who knows. These country boys love anything that goes fast. I'll probably put it up tomorrow and see what luck brings. However, I am glad to hear i'm putting out a reasonable price for it!
    2009 TW200, first time rider!

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    Start at your high end. You can always go down but not so much the other way.

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    Too low!
    - Leisure Time Larry -
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