Cool ideas for seat covers?
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    I bought a used seat on ebay (it's complete and use-able) but my plan is to immediately take the cover off and make something. I may cut into the seating area and replace that high density foam with gel or something more conducive to comfy butts.

    I was just curious if you've seen any good looking seat covers. I'm keeping the shape OEM, but I'm thinking tuck and roll with a different color of vinyl piping. I own a walking foot, industrial sewing machine with a welting foot, so I am going to be doing this myself.

    I'm not a pro, just some guy that has a generalized interest in a lot of things.

    Something along those lines, but shaped like the OEM seat though.
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    Someone here has a seat covered like that on their TW and it looks real nice.

    One thing I'd consider is that water will get into the seat wherever there is stitching and if your foam is open cell you will be sitting on a wet sponge for a long time after it quits raining. I know because I made a cover for a harley seat years ago with stitching in the saddle. A thin layer of closed cell foam under the cover won't absorb water plus it will smooth out the shaping work you do to the seat foam.

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