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    Do different octane levels affect the performance or mileage on the T Dub? Thanks

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    The rule is use the lowest # of octane that will not cause pinging. If the motor pings then go up from 87 / 89. It's just pouring $$$ out the window with higher octanes. OMM.

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    My bike doesn't run any differant on any other octain levels, so I just buy the cheap stuff.

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    Go with what the manual advises.....usually the compression of a particular engine determines the octane....I know,there are more factors than just compression ratio.87 is just fine with TW's.

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    I get pinging noises out of some of my motorcycles on 87 octane gas when it's really hot outside, say 100+ degrees and I have left the bike idling at a stop. When I take off it's "plink plink plink" as I leave 1st gear. I have solved the problem on those bikes by using 91 octane gas.

    So far I have not heard any signs of it on my TW and I was riding it off road in 95F weather just two days ago. The only difference I was feeling was my clutch. The engine sounded like a sewing machine the whole time (which is good.)
    1993 TW200

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    I get a little pinging during extended slow speed trail riding at low rpm's if I use 87 octane.
    2013 Yamaha TW200

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    2002 Yamaha RoadStar 1600 with sidecar

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