How many miles to expect?
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    I am sure this has been gone over but how many miles average can you expect to put on a TW before a rebuild? What's the highest miles on a TW have you ever heard of without a rebuild?

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    Ride it right, maintain it diligently, and you will never have to rebuild it. Some major high mileage bikes have been discussed on this forum. Someone will have the details. Tom
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    I've heard of 40,000 miles on some members dubs.... Mine has 10,000 miles and it runs and sounds better now than it did new 7 years ago.............. Keep clean oil in the old girl and check those valves every 5,000 and keep the chain cleaned and oiled......... OMM.

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    I have 80,000 km's on mine. it became a smoker around 50,000 so I changed the piston,rings and serviced the head. the head was a worry, although I changed the stem seals and ground in the valves, changed the aluminium bushing for a ball bearing, the cam had deep wear. i bought a parts bike this year and swaped the head, who says you cant put a young head on old shoulders :- )

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