10 percent enthenal?
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    So where I live, the only way to buy enthenal free gas is to buy premium, so my question is, does it matter if I run 10 percent enthenal in my TW? What are your thoughts?
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    Same here. The available octane around here is 90, 91, & 93. Cheapest I've found is $4.37 this morning for 90.

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    The TW will run with 10% ethanol. It runs better without it. I would pay extra for alcohol free gas but I can't get it here.

    I try to remove as much alcohol from the gas I put in my TW by field expedient means. I mix pump gas with water, let it sit for a day then drain off the water/alcohol mix. The remainder goes in the tank (and for chainsaws).

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    You could just add Stabil to the mix and not worry about it if the ethonal free is too expensive. A bottle of Stabil from the home depot or advanced auto parts treats a lot of gas.

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    This video shows what happens when you mix water with ethanol gasoline to separate the ethanol out.

    It doesn't even take long for the adhesion and sinking.

    This is also a good way to test your state's fuel pumps to prove they're putting ethnol in gasoline that they say they aren't.

    I live in Iowa, where ethanol gasoline is cheaper than non-ethanol gasoline. ie: 87 octane costs more than 89 octane here due to "no ethanol" in 87 octane.

    Air cooled engines run hotter with alcohol in the gasoline. Aluminum carburetors and the rubber air boots for the carbs die a slow (or not so slow) death due to ethanol in gasoline. I hate the stuff. But I live in a state where I can be murdered for treason if I talk bad about corn.

    If you live in Minnesota or one of the other states that mandates ethanol in all gasoline, maybe try this Startron additive. Supposedly it's really good about keeping the ethanol suspended with the gasoline (probably keeps water suspended in it as well.) People in the boating industry have more trouble with ethanol separating from gasoline due to water getting into their gas. But it sounds like a benefit of running Startron additive is that the ethanol stays in the gasoline and is less corrosive to aluminum and rubber.


    And... It sounds easier to add Startron to your gasoline right when you fill up than it does to have a big bottom valved jug that you separate the alcohol out of your gas back at home camp.
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    Oooooh ethanol. Lets see. Gov't susidised. Why not, that's a long sorry list. Fouls your fuel system. Gives you the opportunity to enjoy poor mileage. Made 3 of my Tahoes ping to a scary degree when towing. Hmmmm. And I am a "Tall Corn State" native who made some rather good moola building these plants at one time. I won't run it in anything related to toys. Period. If you decide to run it or have no choice I would recommend a regular dose of Seafoam. At least it seems to help to keep some of the moisture from collecting in the bottom of the carb/fuel system. At 50 to 70 MPG or better with the TW I'd pencil it out. Sorry for the rant

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    Quote Originally Posted by silverhead View Post
    .... maybe try this Startron additive. Supposedly it's really good about keeping the ethanol suspended with the gasoline (probably keeps water suspended in it as well.)

    I have used Startron by Starbrite for two years now whenever I can't get pure gas (mostly on trips). It seems to work well, although it doesn't help with the power loss. For winter storage, I always use real gas and if I could not get it I would drain the tank and carb.
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    it's in the Cornstitution in some states / do the Appalachian's use 10%Moonshine ? :-)

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    In NJ we have no choice but to use ethanol (at least for pump gas). It's horrible stuff, if I had pure gas available at any price, it would be a no brainer for toys like the TW and my pit bikes.

    As for those videos, it makes sense that water mixed with gas seperates the ethanol. But, how do you get the gas out of that beaker without water? I would like to try this for my pit bikes, since a gallon of gas might last all year...
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    Attn Hillbillies and shiners

    The video clearly shows you can "break" the gasoline ethanol solution

    So buy your E10 gas

    Make separator funnel or liquid centrifuge and spin out the clear water alcohol layer

    You now have 60 to 70 proof shine though stinky

    Pass through activated charcoal remove most of the stink

    Add some apple flavored kool aid

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