Why I bought the TW200
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    I worked at a Yamaha shop in the mid 80's when the BW's and Tw's came out and really enjoyed taking the demo's for a spin. I was about 25 at the time and just couldn't buy something so "small" because what would my buddies say? I turned 50 this year and have finally outgrown the "what will my buddies say" stage of my life. All that being said, I enjoy the TW for it's ease of riding, the ability to go where my KLR650 won't, its simplicity, and its fuel economy. My buddies can point and laugh all they want, I'm having a blast with it. What about you? Why do you have a TW?
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    1996 Yamaha TW200

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    When I took my MSF course in 2007 they put me on a TW200. The TW was so fun to ride I have always wanted one. At that time I already owned my Buell so I wasn't in the market for a bike. However, since then I would periodically check local listings just to see if a deal came up. The pricing up here in the NW is pretty high and they sell fast. Recently, a '95 with <100 miles on it popped up on Craigslist that wasn't too far from where I live so I checked it out and now it's mine.

    For me, it's more of a toy than a form of primary transportation.
    '95 TW200G - TCI skid, ProTaper bars, amber Jimbo, DMO pegs, IRC GP-1, DG-O w/TTR230 header, Brisk BR12ZC, ProCycle jet kit, K&N filter, DID x-ring, TCI Sequoia rack, storage tube, JNS light

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    Yes..I'm turning 50 in a few months and just bought my first one. I actually sold my BMW S1000rr for this...go figure. My bikes over the years have been in this order, with a break in between some...

    Yamaha Virago 2 years

    Kawasaki 600R 1 Year

    Yamaha FJ 1200 5 Years

    Yamaha FZR 1000 5 Years

    Kawasaki ZX 9 3 Years

    BMW S1000rr 2 Years

    Yamaha TW200 Now

    Of all these bikes, my favorite one was the FJ...But this TW is growing on me

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    Copied from my "About me":

    I hadn't ridden on two wheels since I was a kid. Even then, I thought that I was better on four wheels as opposed to two, but I was looking for something to take as I get more into hunting. Here in the Peoples Republic of WA, you can hardly ride anywhere on a quad, as compared to say Idaho. My uncles and others at hunt camp have Fat Cats & Big Wheels, so I was looking that direction. At only 5'6", the tall skinny tire bikes were never interesting to me. Luckily, someone on Craigslist selling a TW made 'big wheel' a tag in their post. One click and, a "What is THAT!" expression lit the light bulb in my brain. After some research and drooling, I found my 2004 mule, and I love it! As the sport bikes zoom by with a rider wearing jeans and a t-shirt, as I hear the waaamp, uuuggh, waaamp of a 2 stroke with a rider on the trail that has to stand on his pegs all day, I am content with my choice of bike, riding style and speed.

    I was previously unaware of the regulations regarding licensing, riding, being plated vs. ORV tags. Fate led me to the TW, I am sure. Now, on my TW, I can commute to work, make runs to town, ride on National Forest Service roads as well as the trails. Adventure...here I come.

    I found this forum, as well as the thread on ADV and some others, I have been so impressed with the TW showing on the net. People are so helpful and friendly to one another. I really hope to meet as many of you as possible in person on rides. See you on the trail!
    - Leisure Time Larry -
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    2004 TW200, 13-55 gearing, Shinko 241, Race Tech Emulators, Procycle front springs, Works Performance rear shock, Emgo handguards, Luckybike mirror risers, Ken Sean DS foldable mirrors, 30mm Tusk bar risers, Seat Concepts, Kick Starter kit, Plasti-dip camo coat, Cycle Pumps, Ricochet Skid Plate, flood and spot LED pod lights, Sena, Garmin etrex 20 GPS, IMS 313114 folding shifter

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    for me, the TW is my 'big bike'. I spent many years messing with the small Honda's. While attending a bike show on my CT-90, the TW came up on my radar. Looked for an acceptable deal for about 6 months till I found one, and pulled the trigger. Haven't rode the lil' CT-90 since. Not sure I will ever again. TIM
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    it's great in the city (light and agile) and I can ride it in the winter, bullet proof engine
    2012 TW200, 1993 KLR650, 1992 GSX750F

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    Back in 06 my wife wanted a quad, but I didn't think a quad would work in our area... So I started looking, found a cute little dual purpose bike that looked fun.. AKA the dubster... I went looking at our local shops.. First one didn't even want to mess with it.. So I went to another.. "BINGO" Out front sat a sexy blue 06... Well I called my wife who was on her way home to stop in to the dealer.. She showed up and wanted to ride it.................... "LOVE" at first ride.. Dealer asked me if I wanted it.. I said WELL I need two...... He smiled and told me he had another just inside the shop........ SOLD.. We realllllllllllllllllllllly love these little guys..... OMM.

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    I had a Honda XR250L that I proceeded to bore to a 280, it was alot of fun. Then I bought a Montesa trials bike and it was great off road but no exploring off of local roads... Then I found the TW200, best of both worlds!

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    Quote Originally Posted by scotti158 View Post
    I turned 50 this year and have finally outgrown the "what will my buddies say" stage of my life. All that being said, I enjoy the TW for it's ease of riding, the ability to go where my KLR650 won't, its simplicity, and its fuel economy. My buddies can point and laugh all they want, I'm having a blast with it. What about you? Why do you have a TW?

    For precisely the same reasons you do!!!!

    I just took until 63 to figure it out: Slower is better and more interesting.
    2018 TW200
    2014 BMW R1200GS LC

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    sport bikes and crusers are urban assault vehicles, the TW is a rural assault vehicle. Oh the TW can also be an urban assault vehicle by going around the traffic jams on curbs, ditches, sidewalks etc. Can take a TW out of the city and ride trails, farm roads and even ride through fields to check on combines and see how harvesting is going.Then take the mighty TW to town for a dairy queen. They are Real country bikes.

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