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    I'll tell you my story, I'm not good at keeping it short but we'll go along a while if you're interested. This TW is my Dad's bike that he bought to go fishing. He and his friends would ride to the mountain lakes in Idaho, up around Pahsimeroi Valley. His friend from work at FMC in Pocatello was a guy who had bikes; my Dad never rode bikes very much but bought a TW so he could participate on trips to the lakes without having to borrow one. Time frame is about 1990 or so.

    My Dad's doing great just wanna let you know this isn't a memorial! The origin of this bike and its history and how I got it happened a decade or two ago, using the past tense is only about the bike not my Dad.

    He bought the TW - as a low seat height would suit him. I don't know how he came to pick it out if he had some help from his friends or not. In college I went on one of their fishing trips with the bikes and in the country behind INEL or INEEEL or now INL the nuclear plant, I can't remember if I rode one of the extra bikes his pals had or if I rode his and he rode a loaner. I know a picture exists so I will be really happy to post it when I have found it.

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    Cool. Welcome!
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    Welcome. Hope you're able to ride in the area you described. Your story reminded me of when I visited the Pahsimeroi Valley/Lemhi Range as a young lad. One summer back in the mid 1970's, we stayed at a campground up Sawmill Canyon I believe, while my step grandpa was building logging roads. We would drive from Salmon through May and Patterson to get there. I also remember him taking us to Meadow Lake up from the Gilmore side. One day I'd like to return and see if anything looks familar.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing your story and hope you can add to it with your own adventures!
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    Quote Originally Posted by admiral View Post
    I also remember him taking us to Meadow Lake up from the Gilmore side. One day I'd like to return and see if anything looks familar.

    Not much has changed over there, except there is one new (10yrs) campground in Sawmill, and the old jeep road over Windy Hill to the Gilmore side has gotten a LOT worse. Don't ask me how I know.... No problem for the mighty TW, though.

    Meadow Lake is very busy all summer now, as well.
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