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    Hey guys,

    I have recently applied for the Yamaha TW200.

    Went for a test ride on Sat and its all I can think about and I cant wait for it to be mine.

    Only thing that's bugging my though is the fact that there is no petrol gage on it.

    I know you just gotta be aware all the time - as on my current bike there is no gage,

    BUT... I would love to get one fitted on my new baby. is it at all possible??

    And can it be lowered? I am 1.2, and though I can handle its size thanks to its light wait...

    I would feel a bit more comfortable if it was a tad bit lower...

    thanks guys

    cant wait to be officially part of the family

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    hey jay! welcome to the [s]madness,[/s] i mean family!

    with regards to the gas gage, i've never seen one, but i'm sure there is some aftermarket one some wear that could be fit. maybe a gas cap of some kind that dangles down internally? it really isn't that big a deal to not have one, as they get decent milage, always north of 65mpg, and as much as 100. many do add larger tanks of some size.

    the seat can be shaved down to knock off an inch or so, though that compromises the already substandard cushioning. you could replace the foam with some gel material and be ok.

    search this forum for lots of answers to questions you will have,i have found a real wealth of knowledge on here and friendly people willing to help.

    ride on!
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    I just reset the trip meter and fill up at about 85 miles on the stock tank.

    2001 TW

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    Quote Originally Posted by Motörhead Jay View Post
    Hey guys,

    Only thing that's bugging my though is the fact that there is no petrol gage on it.

    Like Zombie said, just get in the habit of resetting the trip meter every fill-up.

    Many of us carry an MSR 33oz. fuel bottle as an extra reserve. 100 miles on a stock seat in the dirt will make you want to stop for gas any day!
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    People have lowered their TW's by drilling additional holes in the clevis for the shock on the swingarm and lowering the fork tubes in the triples. Not the greatest solution, but quick and dirty

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    I'm not sure of your location, so it's difficult to know what might be practical for you. As someone mentioned, it's fairly easy to have the seat foam shaved down a bit. That's probably the easiest way to lower the bike without compromising the suspension. Your choice of words indicates to me that you are not in the U.S, so sending your seat to Seat Concepts for a custom job may not work for you. You could probably get the cover re-installed locally or do it yourself, though.

    I'm not a fan of shortening the suspension on a bike which is a bit short on that attribute to begin with, but many people do it successfully, so it is an option.

    I agree that the lack of a gas gauge can be irritating, particularly when the OEM tank is so small. The TW gets such great mileage that it is not as much of an issue as you might expect. You can usually expect in excess of 100 miles between fill-ups. Extra petrol can be easily carried as well.

    Adding a gas gauge is not anything I would consider for many reasons. It is not as easy or cheap as it sounds and if not done correctly could introduce a safety issue.

    My solution was to go for a one gallon larger after-market tank, and to get the translucent option. Just a glance at any time tells me how much fuel is left in the tank, plus the extra capacity adds about 60-70 miles to the range.

    Those who are into color-coordinating the tank with other parts of the bike might not wish to take that route, but it is by far the most practical solution, IMO. Below is a pic of my bike and the tank. No gauge needed.

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    Not positive but Trail Tech makes a model of the Vapor that you can get a dashboard kit for and I believe it has a fuel indicator light. Not sure how it hooks up...but might be worth looking into.

    Here is the website links to the tw200 specific stuff.

    Looking at it though I dont really think it is an actual fuel gage it just has the light hookup for if you had one ( included in the 022-PDA ).

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    Sheeyo... so sorry for such a delayed response...

    Thanks for all your replies guys!!!

    Gave me a lot to think about... and I have decided to kick the thought of installing a petrol gauge... I guess I have been doing fine without one so far

    Im not too keen on fiddling with the suspension either, but spoke with a guy at the Yamaha dealership, and he says he can put attach a link to lower it abit?? ... im not sure how that works though and if its a good idea??

    but yeah... if push comes to shove, ill shave the seat down...

    will keep you guys updated

    thanks again for all your help!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sweetzombiejesus View Post
    I just reset the trip meter and fill up at about 85 miles on the stock tank.
    X2 on that........... After 85 miles on the seat you "WILL" be ready to get off.. (o; Oh yea. Welcome.OMM.

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    Your dealer is somewhat under~informed about the TW. It isn't possible to lower our bikes with lowering links.

    I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you.

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