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    First post here, but I wanted to share my little tale and seek some advice from members.

    I have always wanted a TW, I've always loved the look and every time I rode one they just felt perfect for my style of off road riding. I'm a larger guy, so I do look a little bit of a Shriner when I ride mine but I totally loved my little bike. After having it for a year it was stolen. I had it parked at a friends house and two local meat heads walked it off. Six months later, this week as a matter of fact, I received a call from the Sheriff's Department letting me know they had recovered it, five months ago. Unfortunately, it was not unmolested. Here is a before and after:

    Thankfully it is mostly cosmetic. Why he removed all the plastics the tank and the seat... then started added CRAP (you can see the cowling and odd ball tank in the second picture) is beyond me. I've put a parts list together to get back to the way it was and it adds up to about $2300.00. Do you guys have any suggestions? If you were to start at the point I have, what would you do differently in making it rideable again. On a side note, he was actually caught riding it in this condition... no seat, holding that blue gas tank - trying to evade the police on a bike that can barely keep me at 55 mph

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    So, I'm guessing it is mechanically sound and running just fine?

    If so, depending on where you live, to help defray your costs, I will give you free of charge my stock gas tank. You'll have to repaint it, but hey, it's free!

    Let me know.
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    Sorry that those meat heads stole your bike and thrashed it. If I were in your shoes, I'd use this as an excuse to re-build the TW to look like you would want. I get a new plastics kit, an oversize tank, and a seat concepts seat cover. You'd need to find an old seat to get the pan from it... But that's just me.

    Where are you located? I know several people would buy it from you as is....

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    it's a cali bike.....

    glad you found it, and even though the meat heads trashed it, looks like you'll be able to get it back up and running.
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    If you're just out a set of plastics, a seat, and a tank, you won't have to spend $2300. Even if there's more issues, you're not gonna have to spend that. Piece together the body work used, paint it up how you want, there you go, the ultimate adventure bike. About a half hour to install everything.

    If you've got that kinda money to just throw at the bike, that's different, but be sure you really love the TW or the TW you could make out of it, because it'll be hard to ever get your investment back.

    What I would do, in that situation, with a bike that looks that decent, is probably a different exhaust just for some longevity (that one looks like it took a few bashes), a TCI skidplate and guards, new bars and risers, pegs, racks, improve the lighting a bit, better horn(s), better seat, sealed battery, good tires, stainless brake lines, Jimbo Shield, Lizard cooler, high fender (a proper fork brace would be awesome, maybe upgrade the suspension all over, and if I was resourceful enough, go for ronnydog's motor setup or something similar. Essentially, though, I'd keep the TW built for its purpose and just improve upon that. It's really not that bad looking and pretty close to a stock bike as it sits, it seems.

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    Woodland, California
    maybe try to find a donor/parts bike that you can swap over needed parts?
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    Quote Originally Posted by importmech View Post
    maybe try to find a donor/parts bike that you can swap over needed parts?
    I'd think about a donor bike, or maybe check ebay.

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    new plastic (any color any year you desire - blue - black or white) a Clarke tank and a new oem seat for $87 from partzilla and your back on the road shining for about$450

    btw buy the black 2008 and newer oem seat they are much cheaper than the black / blue 2006 seats at $150

    the white plastic (again 2008 and later) is much cheaper than the blue (2007) or black (2005 - 2004) but it's all in stock at and free shipping for orders $250 and over

    PS; re the theft - sorry to hear of it - glad you got something back - this crazy stuff is common in California!!!
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    It took the Sheriff's department five months to contact you after it was recovered? Wow!

    Were you able to recover anything from insurance on the theft?

    By the way, welcome to the forum. Where are you located?


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    So I'm assuming that you didn't have insurance? The difference for me to add Comp/Collision was $40 more a year. I pay $120 total with Liability for a brand new TW in NJ.

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