Vermont registration success for no title bike
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Thread: Vermont registration success for no title bike

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    Like others, I have read about Vermont NOT requiring titles for vehicles older than 15 years or less than 300cc engine size. I wanted to share my positive experience. I purchased a 1990 TW 200 that had been used offroad only - no title. I called my local FL sheriff's office with the VIN before buying to confirm that it was not stolen. I also called the DMV with the VIN and they confirmed that it had never been titled. DMV did have original sale information reported to them on record from 1990 which matched what the seller told me (he was the second owner, told me who he had bought it from, which matched what DMV had for the original purchaser.) I obtained a signed bill of sale when buying the TW listing year, color, VIN, mileage, sales price, seller and buyer's address and contact info. I called my local DMV office to ask how to title it. the person was very honest, saying that it was a difficult and expensive process. I asked if he was aware of the Vermont registration route and he (laughing) said he was aware that some states have different rules than FL, but if I brought in a valid registration from a state that did not require a title and requested to title in FL, that they would issue me a FL title. He did add that if FL charges a higher sales tax than the other state, I would need to pay the added sales tax (my local rate is 1% higher than VT so I will need to pay them $5 when I title it.) Also, I would need to get my VIN verified.

    Being doubtful, I called the Vermont DMV. The VERY helpful person said that yes, they register vehicles from any state, I don't have to live in VT or have a VT address, they do not require titles for vehicles over 15 years old or motorcycles with engine sizes under 300cc and they would happily take my sales tax payment and registration fees and issue me a registration (after checking VIN to see if reported as stolen.) She did say that when I bring the MC to VT, I would need to have a safety inspected. being honest, I said that I had no intention of moving to VT and would be using this to get a FL title. she laughed and said that she had just done one for a MC in Hawaii. she said that they look up the value in NADA and the sales tax is calculated on the higher of the price on the Bill of Sale or NADA trade in. I asked about the inspection and she said that I couldn't legally drive it on VT roads until I got it inspected, but that was only enforced during traffic stops for other reasons and of course, only in VT.

    So I sent in my application and check for 6% sales tax and $44 registration fee. got my VT license and registration yesterday. Once I complete my frame up restoration, I will take the registration to my FL DMV and get my FL title. since it is an out of state registration, I need to either bring to the DMV office or have a law enforcement officer verify the VIN.

    This obviously wouldn't work for a stolen MC. although I checked with the DMV on the original sale, that was for my peace of mind; you can't be too careful. if you go this route, I suggest you contact your local DMV before you buy a bike without a title. your results may vary!

    here is the link to the page where you can get a PDF of the instructions.

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    Thanks Floridad, this is good information to know!

    I have gone through more DMV brain death than that getting bikes titled here in California. Maybe next time I'll go through Vermont first!

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    I bought my TW while living in VT, then a month later moved to MA. So I went through a similar experience getting a title in MA. Folks at DMV in VT were VERY nice...folks in MA not so much.

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    I got a title for an old car here in Missouri through the circuit court.

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    Living in VT and having just registered 3 vehicles, I can say that the people are very helpful and nice. The only slight complication was that you MUST know who the previous owner of the vehicle was, so you can put that on the form. Made registering the car I've had for 3 years tough... I'd forgotten from whom I bought it and had to do some research.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Floridad View Post
    I wanted to share my positive experience.

    Ha! In the immortal words of Smirnoff Smirnoff, (Whoever the hell he was, long before Baron Cohen): "What a country!"
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    That's how I got mine titled. As I've posted on here before, it works in Alabama but they give you hell. My local DMV was nothing but helpful, it's the state office that pitched a fit. Rejected my application twice, sent me a title, and rejected it again. They apparently had no clue clerk #1 sent me a title so clerk #2 rejected it again for no reason....

    Too late I had my title so nothing they could do!
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    I'm so glad I live in Vt

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    any secrets for getting a title for a utility trailer im in Pa there is a ton of hoops to try and jump through

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    I'd start a new post on that, we seem to have a decent amount of PA riders here. One of them might know and be able to help, but you are to far north for my expertise on the law.
    Forever grateful for all your help brother
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