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    I have owned quads in the past (Banshee and older Honda 350) and rode a couple dirt bikes along the way, but never owned any bike myself. Well this spring I really caught the fever! I started looking at DS bikes about 2 months ago. I stumbled on this forum not long after, which was a major factor in deciding to get a t-dub. I had never heard of them previously. Yep I`ve lurked here and found tons of info I needed. I bought a new 2012 last month so I just wanted to introduce myself because I am sure I`ll have more questions. I plan to ride about 95% street but I still wanted that option for off road exploring of trails. Central Ohio is very flat so I can stay geared for street and trails pretty evenly and I`ve gone with 14/45. Only other mods so far are a Jimbo Shield (that was first on list, thanks Jimbo!), a Yamaha rear rack that came with it, and a cargo bag. Next are the wider pegs I also found here.

    Thanks for all the good info so far.

    2012 TW200

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    Hello and welcome!

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    Central Ohio....where abouts?....i'm in SW Ohio....close to Cincinnati. Are you going to rejet or has that already been done?.Welcome,your in the right place!.

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    Welcome to the forum Mike!

    I grew up in Delaware, Ohio. Are you anywhere near there?


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    Central Ohio
    @Brian - I`m on the south side of 270, but not all that far. Rarely get to Delaware though

    @Frog13 - Same as above, a little SW of Columbus. Work gets me to Mason every couple weeks, and sometimes pass through Cincy headed south. Always in a work van and in a hurry though. Hadn't really considered rejetting yet. Zero experience. Maybe one day I`ll have a more knowledgeable friend show me how.
    2012 TW200

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