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    After never being without a motorcycle my adult life, beginning with a two stroke YR1 in 1967, I bought a new 2012 TW 200 yesterday. This is without a doubt the slowest bike I have ever owned, and somehow it just doesn't mater.

    My other current bike is a HD Fat Bob at about 700 lbs. As you might imagine the transition is a little strange, I can damned near turn this bike within the wheelbase of the Harley. So far it seems (the TW) real twitchy, with a little saddle time I am sure that feeling will pass.

    A rack is certainly in the future, and someone at Yamaha had a sense of humor when they specified the "horn" on this bike, any replacement suggestions are welcome.

    So far I have put about 60 miles on it early this morning, anytime after noon here, this time of the year it's over 100 F, probably not the best break in weather so early rides will be the only rides until I get a few hundred miles on it.

    My dirt riding skills are non-existent and at 61 YO I probably break pretty easy, and for that matter heal slow. I did spend about half of those miles this morning on well kept dirt roads, and plan on improving my skills a little at a time. Here in southwest AZ there are miles and miles of farm roads, kept trails, and two tracks to explorer.

    I honestly don't know if this will be a long term relationship, or more like a one night stand. I will know in a few months. One thing that is for sure the cost of fuel and maintenance on the bike is almost silly compared to the care and feeding of almost anything else.

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    Real twitchy?.The bike is rather light and quite manuverable.What tire pressure are you running sir?.Cycleracks makes a good unit...alot of rider here use them,but, there are others out there.Yes,I'm sure the TW is a shocker in comparison to your HD.Are you going to will run cooler and be more responsive.Welcome sir.

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    Hi John,

    Welcome to the forum.

    Do your first oil change when you get a couple hundred miles on it. It is super easy and only takes 1 quart. Since you guys have lots of rocks in Arizona, I'd suggest getting a real skidplate before you do any serious offroading.

    Like you, I've had lots of bikes. But for me, the TW is a keeper and my Harley is for sale.


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    Welcome, from today's other new guy I`m pretty sure mine's a keeper, budget permitting. BTW I did my first oil change @ 95 miles, just because I`m super protective right now. I figure it's easy and cheap, why not.
    2012 TW200

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    I was 55 when I bought mine 7 years ago........ I had 200,000 road miles under my belt. Boy did I freak out the first time on gravel... Now my wife and I look for gravel roads to ride.... We still don't like sand.. But the more you ride the more fun it is........ And welcome to this great site. OMM.

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