Kick & Electric Start ?
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    I'm clearing out my garage so I can purchase a used TW. Primary use is in-town commuting. What year models were produced with both kick & elec start? Any specific years that might be more desirable? Should I consider front and rear sprocket changes? Any other comments/suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.

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    '87 to '00 have both. '01 and up are electric only.

    I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you.

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    Post 2001 have a disc brake up front and a newer carb, among other little things. I would say shoot for 2001 or newer and fit a kickstart after the fact. It's been done plenty, isn't terribly hard. You can do it cheap if you source the parts used, as well. Not too expensive to buy new, either.

    Try to avoid the '87 as it has a unique electrical system and so the CDI has to usually be bought new if it fails. Get the newest/best you can afford, as the price of the kickstart would be cheaper than replacing tires, chain/sprockets, fork seals, etc. from a model that has seen some harder times.

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    crazy seeing the bike is from Japan and they always had both kickstart and electric

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