How Fast Can I Go?
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    I've been trying to find previous discussion about this, and I'm sure it's been discussed plenty, but I have a new TW and I ride in an area where traffic likes to go 65-70 on long, straight country roads.

    I have just hit my 600 mile mark, will be doing my first service before the weekend comes and we set off on our next adventure (looking forward to our first moto-camping trip this weekend-- the BF rides a DR650.) So break in period has been met.

    I have found that getting up to, and maintaining, 50-55 mph has been a challenge. Not a "challenge," so much as I find I do have to work at it, but my last 50 miles, I found I was getting above 55 with little effort.

    The TW isn't the only one of us that's new-- this is MY first 600 miles too! So I don't have much experience with other bikes either. I don't want to push it too hard, but if it can reasonably do 60-65 on stock everything, that would be handy.

    I'm just not sure what to expect from the little bike yet. Not sure if I want to change gears or not-- more top speed would be nice, but I love my low end now. Just curious what I can ask of the bike?

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    going to a 15tooth front sprocket is your best bet. Brings the rpms down so your not screaming the motor at the top end, and you'll still have good low end torque. That's what I'm running (as are a lot of others). If I were doing a lot of high speed riding (above 60mph) I think I'd swap out the rear sprocket too. 45-47tooth. Hope this helps. TIM
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    You have to realize this little tw is a country bike through and through. A little dirt, gravel, sand, bush and country roads to get you there. I did drop a few teeth on the rear sprocket so the engine wasn't tapped out so much at 55. I am a bit heavy for the little bike but it hauls me around fine as I go solo. 55-60 works fine as long as I don't have a head wind.

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    I'm assuming you have the stock 14/50 setup. I bought my TW with 14/55 sprockets and have never ridden anything else. I can go 57 MPH, so I'm assuming you can go 70 with a little effort, but the bike would be more comfortable at 60-65 with your setup.
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    2006 model ... 14 front 47 rear ... rode stock for 3 years(apart from rear sprocket obviously). Pushed her to max 70mph but on average 55-65mph. 10% off road 90% street. Usual maintenance. Put good gas in her. Live in Florida so very flat plus I only weigh 108Lbs (I work out)!! All this on the good ole Knobby tires! Changed to Street tires now, DG exhaust and minor upgrades ... much happier. But I survived!!!


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    I've gone over 80MPH on stock tires and stock gearing (jetted and shimmed carb). I would not recommend trying it, exspecially with your being new to riding, and I'm not sure I'd even do it again but it will do it.

    To get off of the island I live on the roads are all 55MPH speed limit, so traffic is actually doing 60-65 and the TW is fine with it. I regularly hit 75 in the passing lane. Some riders don't like to make the TW "scream" like it will at those speeds, but as far as I am concerned it's just yelling weeeeeeee! I'd recommend keeping your max to just little bits of 70 till you get more used to the bike and more experience. At 70+ the stock tires and suspension can get a bit squirrelly and while the TW can handle it, make sure you can first.
    Forever grateful for all your help brother
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    I think all owners of new tw's have this issue. I did enough research to know what the tw can and can't do and never intended to ride much faster than 60 mph. For me, I live in the suburbs of a fairly large city. City riding, no problem. Riding in the country, no problem. But to get to either one takes 4 or 5 miles riding on a 50 mph 4 lane road, so realistically if I'm not doing at least 55 or 60 mph, I'm running the risk of being somebody's hood ornament. Break in suggestions say don't run it at high rpm's for too long. Well, what's too long? 50 feet? 50 miles?

    I can share with you what I've been doing. I have about 200 miles on the bike now. I changed the oil at 100. I got a 47 tooth rear sprocket when I bought the bike. For comparison, I weigh about 175. I have gotten it over 60 once, but for the most part have kept it at or below the 50 to 55 mph range, varying rpms and speeds as much as I can. It feels real comfortable at 50 mph, a bit buzzy at 55 or above. It seems to struggle to get much faster than that. Hopefully top speed will increase as more miles are on the bike. I also have a 130 main jet ordered that I hope will help too. Maybe someone who has had one since new and broken it in can tell us what to expect performance wise as these things go through the break in process.

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    In my experience 60 is doable. Doing 65 is a push and at the limit of the little tw. The bike will have a bit of speedometer error so if it reads 65 it is closer to 60 etc. Having said that I ride mine at the limit all the time. I change the oil very often and other than that keep up on valve adjustments and it will be fine.
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    First, welcome!

    Now to business...Ah, our t-dubs, strange but wonderful machines. They seem to be a user specific bike. More-so than any other that I've heard of. The opinions of what this bike/rider combo can do vary wildly...just read some of the sprocket threads. What can the bike do? Well, in stock form it has the potential to do 80 mph @ 10,243 rpm! What have riders reported? You name it. Most are startled by the noise of this tiddler, especially at the rpm range that it likes to run at. So, a lot of 'em won't even run it there. Now, you may still feel like you are breaking it in, so I understand any hesitation to let the wombat loose. But, in general, I am in the 'go for it' camp. These mini thumpers seem to get better with time, and with more of a workout. Without a tach, it's hard to get a feel for the rpms until you tune your butt-dyno, so to help here is a link to the TW calculator:

    I'd change that oil, adjust that chain and then I would start to us a shift pattern that gets the rpms up. That will help you get to the higher speeds faster and easier. With your mileage, I'd be trying a "On the 10s" shift pattern for awhile (shift from 1st to 2nd @ 10 mph, and so on). That'll get your r's into the 5000-6500 as you shift. After 1000 miles or so on the odometer (or when you feel comfortable about the motor break in) I'd change it up again for a little while to a "On the 5's" shift pattern starting with a shift to 2nd at 15 mph. That'll put them into the 6500-7300 range. I still mostly use this pattern myself. After that, when you want or need max acceleration, use the "butt-dyno" shift pattern. The hp and torque curves drop quickly after the peaks are reached, yet before redline, and most importantly before you'd come close to damaging the engine. So, no matter what it sounds like, run it hard and don't shift until you feel power start to drop.

    I'll quote qwerty, a sometimes controversial, yet highly respected member with 40,000+ miles on his TW:

    "Wind 4th up to 55mph (~8900rpm) before shifting to 5th. You'll be turning just past the torque peak (7000) after you shift. The TW200 makes 12+ horsepower from ~7000 to ~9000rpm, which is right were the engine needs to be turning for maximum acceleration. Power dies after 9000 due to the small carb. Don't worry, you won't float the valves until nearly 65mph in 4th, north of 80mph in 5th."

    Happy riding to you, and please keep us updated!
    - Leisure Time Larry -
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    Tipsy Wombat -it depends directly on how soon you want to learn about rebuilding engines. High hard revs are reported to not hurt the engine but they are going to accelerate wear

    So how good are you at wrenching?

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