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    Tank Bag Advice

    Hey Guys ,

    I'm looking at a slim tank bag to mainly hold a garmin GPS.
    Do you have any recommendations ? or pictures or yours ?

    Thanks a lot !


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    I have the Wolfman Enduro Pocket, just big enough for my wallet, phone, and camera. Very secure, perfect size for me.

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    I recently picked up a Kappa TK734 mini tank bag. Fits my Garmin Nuvi 260W perfectly and I was even able to cram my HTC One X phone (same size as Galaxy SIII) in the GPS window compartment no problem. The magnets work very well with the TW tank and it comes with straps. The only thing I would ding it for is the top of the bag is angled and on the angled TW tank it makes you look down to see the GPS window. I found it on eBay.

    My tank isn't on my bike at the moment but I'll try to post some pictures of it soon.

    This site isn't in English but has several pictures of it.
    Essai Kappa TK734 : Mariez votre gps auto et votre moto : La solution Kappa
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    Well guys, I ride a TW so I'm obviously cheap I'm in the process of turning a fanny pack in to a tank bag. I've got two 50lb magnets (Harbor Freight) that I'll be adding to flaps on the sides of the bag. It won't be waterproof, but it'll stay on and it will hold my wallet and other little things while I'm on the longer rides. I've got about $4 and some time invested in it.

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    I second the idea of a fanny pack. I used to hate them, the way they looked, everything about them. Then out of desperation one day, I bought one when I forgot my bike bag on a long ride (I'm also an avid bicycle rider). It's a function over form kind of thing. You don't need anything real big to carry keys, phone, wallet, some loose change, map, and even a small screw driver/allen wrench. I also like that it stays attached to me if I need to get off the bike for any reason.

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    I solved the same problem by getting a small hunting pouch from Wallyworld ($7.50). It holds my glasses plus my Iphone and still has space for other stuff.ImageUploadedByTapatalk1376245743.433365.jpg
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    I used the fannypack idea too, mine was $7 at wallyworld. I just cut the straps down and strapped it around the front of the seat. Holds my cell, wallet, gps, gopro/camera, and other little stuff.

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    Fannys packs are pase'. Check out ladies purses! I have a couple heavy duty leather "fashion" ones I use as strap on bags be it tank, rear rack etc.
    Got mine free dumpster diving. I suppose if your were dishonest you could even get paid for obtaining a purse with money still in it!
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    IMG_6544.JPGIMG_6545.JPGI know 99% of you will laugh. But, I sell women's active wear and we have recreated the fannypack to be fashionable (Which non of us are), Flattering (Which non of us are) and Functional (it serves it's purpose and comes in 3 styles and good places to put improtant stuff like keys, money, inhalers, credit cards and you don't even know you have it on. Don't laugh..well okay laugh. But they work.blue print.pngHipsSister_GLXXBLKBLKXXX.jpgPark City.jpg
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    I have one called "Rapid Transit" that suits the bike well. This pic is of my last bike with another bag on the rack and my aux. fuel tank. I think I paid about $60 for the tank bag but it's well thought out. Easily converts to a small backpack also.

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