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    Looking for advice

    I purchased a new 2012 TDub a few weeks ago, here is where I am at. Just completed the 600 mile service, and like all my previous bikes, unless its over my head or warranty the dealer won't see it again. I have a Yamaha rack installed, a Jimbo shield installed. I have jets, shims, tool tube, and bike specific tools on order.

    I'm north of sixty years old, 150 pounds and 6' tall. Remember the skinny kid getting sand kicked in his face, that's me 45 years ago and I haven't gotten any bigger. I have ridden for over 45 years but all street. I recently low sided my Harley at a screaming 15mph while making a right turn (thanks to a truck dumping diesel fuel at an intersection) repairs will cost more than the TW, and they are really minor. Gieco picked up the tab, but I have decided my days of 800+ lbs cruisers are over. My damage was minor too just some road rash, and I was wearing work boots, t-shirt, Levi's, finger less gloves and of course no helmet.

    OK, I have seen the light so to speak. I now have decent gloves, and a MX style helmet. I need recommendations for other gear, and sources. My thinking is jacket, although mesh is preferred, pants maybe draggin jeans, and better boots. I am in Yuma AZ, and not much here so mail order is in the cards. I do ride the bike for a 15 mile commute each day, and really easy trails on the weekends. I am slowly trying to better my off road skills since I have none now. When making recommendations please keep in mind daytime temps here are about 110 degrees right now. I have budgeted $500.00 for gear if this is way low just let me know.

    I would like to thank everyone here who has posted in these forums I have certainly learned a lot from you in a short time, and I had forgotten just how much fun a lightweight bike can be.


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    John- welcome - as a fellow age category rider - well a 69 year old and riding for 53 years now you words find lots of resonance here. I have hung onto motorcycles for as long as 48 years - but find that the 800 lb behemoths just are not so much fun any more. Never a Harley fan but an older Suzuki 1400 in the stable which is great for traveling but for running to the corner store give me the Honda 125 every time.
    Similarly on the TW - just a terrific all purpose motorcycle with enough jam to run your 15 mile commute within minutes of the time it used to take on the Harley not to say anything about the improvement in gas mileage which your banker loves.
    I am a big fan of EBAY for gear - read the ads, decide what you want and then go and find it on ebay.
    Glad you have seen the wisdom of slapping on a helmet - there are no locations left n Canada where it is optional - and as I age my reaction time is slowing which translates into - give me all the help I can get.
    Enjoyed your posting - keep them coming please.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Johninaz View Post
    I need recommendations for other gear, and sources.
    Check out Olympia Motosports mesh gear at Revzilla or Motorcycle Superstore: Olympia Bonneville Mesh Tech Jacket - Street Motorcycle - Motorcycle Superstore

    I've had this jacket and Airglide pants in silver for three years now, they are great and holding up well. Without the liner I've been good to 95-100 (but I'm a cold country person, in silver you might be comfy to 110). With the liner and a heavy shirt, down to about 50. It's probably a 4 season jacket for you down there. Knee, elbow and shoulder armor is highly recommended, but I did not want the external armor many wear....I just don't go that fast anymore, and it's too hot.
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    For less expensive but not necessarily "cheap" gear, check out LeatherUp.com. They have a good selection of jackets, pants, gloves, and I have bought stuff from them over the years and have been quite satisfied with their quality and promptness of shipping.

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    I am almost 70 years old and have been riding since 1959. What the above riders have recommended are all good suggestions. I would add that good foot protection is really important. I use a good pair of MX boots. For you in Az., they will provide protection from cactus spines. I learned long ago that a very vulnerable part of my body are my knees and legs. The high top boots will offer good protection and I always use a set of shin guards. When I have my full crash and burn gear on for serious adventure riding, I also use MX pants because of the hip pads as well as a chest/shoulder protector. I have hit the ground pretty hard a few time and for the most of the crashes, this gear has saved my bacon a few times.

    Happy Trails All

    Ron in Boise

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    Hi John, welcome to the forum. I understand your issue with temperature. While we rarely hit 110, but 90s are nothing special. Regarding jacket, I got this:
    Joe Rocket Phoenix 5.0 Mens Mesh Textile Motorcycle Jacket $152.99 Yellow/Black

    Bought it over a ear ago and I am extremely happy with it. Don't know how it performs when crashing since I was able to avoid it so far.....and hopefully do so in the future. But the mesh works really well as ventilation is concerned.

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    As the heat index here pushes to north of 100 constantly I only wear mesh. I've had the Joe Rocket Phoenix jacket and pants and liked them but now I use the Speed and Strength Trial By Fire jacket. I love it and after borrowing it my friend ordered one for himself. Not only is it comfortable and very breathable but it has removable CE armor for the back, shoulders and elbows so it is nice and safe. I couldn't find it in silver at the time so I got the all black and I have still comfortably ridden all day in triple digit heat in it. I ride all the gear all the time, I've been to the hospital plenty and to enough funerals. Worse case I'd much rather sweat then bleed.

    I would go to as many dealers as you can and try on as many jackets as you can to find what you like the best then hit the old interwebs to shop around for the best price if you want to save. There is a lot of great, and safe, hot weather gear out there now and deciding what you like best is the hardest part now, unlike a couple years ago when it was just finding hot weather gear.
    Forever grateful for all your help brother
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    Survival Gear

    Hi John. I have found that the SAFEST riding gear for me is: Brain Bucket, Gloves and good boots. If I am wearing a t-shirt and levis - - - I vividly remember the road rash I acquired while sliding down the asphalt chasing my Harley. I do not want to do that ever again - so ride more sanely than when I am in full ATGATT mode.
    Seriously, I do wear protective gear, but try my damndest to NOT find out if it works. Oh, I'm 74 and been riding motorized cycles since 1949.
    Lead or Git out of the Way!

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    Aha, several other riders from my era and polarpilot I also have the TW plus a Suzuki 1400 which must be what you have (VS1400?).

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    Forsure get some decent gear, whether on the dirt or the road. Unfortunately we just had a horrible accident with one of our members. He was on the freeway on a Harley making a left turn across oncoming traffic. He waited until he was clear and started across from the eastbound turn lane. When the westbound car passed he left, there was another car behind the one that passed in the blind spot in the far lane. She broadsided him. It cost him his right leg below the knee. Point made here, be sure to let the near car pass and be sure the road is clear before crossing. We all get in a hurry to make a turn, just take that few seconds to make sure you are clear.

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